Xiaomi Mi3 Really took the edge off!

Last updated on August 18th, 2017

For the record about 15,000 Mi3’s were sold out in just 2 seconds . The reason we are publishing  yesterdays news today is that we were waiting if next stock will be sold out in a second !

The people who think that Xiaomi is a China company so they are not making up their mind to buy this , we really would recommend this phone to everyone because it gives the best performance according to it’s specification , in other words it is a monster .

tech legends

Some sources say that not only Flipkart but Xiaomi Mi3 will also be available for normal market sale !
Because the number of stocks are not able to meet the number of pre-orders.

We hope Xiaomi meets the needed requirements and it will definitely come up the best budget phone manufacturer in India.

What you think about it?? Are you really surprised by Xiaomi’s progress ? ? or you think any other Smartphone manufacturer in India can take this edge off too ? ? Do tell us in the comments section below for what you think .

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