Xiaomi Banned In India

Last updated on August 18th, 2017

The Delhi High Court imposed ban on Xiaomi for selling,advertising and importing its device in India from the current date. Xiaomi being in the trending mobile manufacturers in India received an enormous amount of appreciation from the Indian smartphone buyers and finally met its doomsday in India.


Ericsson had registered a complaint earlier on Xiaomi patents violating Standard Essential Patents infringement. According to SpicyIP , Xiaomi violated eight patents related to different categories which are subject to terms where no one can be spared after violating those.

While Micromax , Intex and Gionee were also under Ericsson lawsuits last year but they defended well by providing proper counter-allegations about Ericsson’s superiority doesn’t mean that they can impose false-allegations by relating to their GSM technology patents and also Micromax licensed some technology patents from Ericsson for a better future.

If we look at the case of Xiaomi , it responded differently. According to Ericsson Xiaomi ignored its requests from past 3 years. Ericsson also mentioned that they have no personal grudge against the chinese company Xiaomi but it seems unfair to use Ericsson’s patented technology without paying a license fee for Ericsson’s technology.


Ericsson claims to have the most number of patents granted in the sector of mobile communication.So Xiaomi is expected to get free from the ban after it communicates about the license agreement for it’s infringed patents with Ericsson.

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