Petalite Flux – World’s Fastest Charging External Battery

Petalite Flux is the name which we are talking about , it is the worlds fastest charging external battery .

It can charge itself from empty to full in just 15 mins. You don’t have to worry about your portable power-bank  that when will you get time to charge it ?? you just need 15 mins !

Let’s say you woke up late for the office , but after you wake up just put the battery to charge , it will be ready while you will get dressed and brush your teeth ! This concept of battery will help to evolve the power of portable batteries in the coming years .

Yes it get’s charged in 15 mins ! But you must be wondering what’s the mAh figure for the battery ? ?

question mark
Thinking ? ?

Now it’s time to say – it houses 2600 mAh ! Normally this figure enables a phone to last 2 more days so you don’t need to worry about ONE day , it can save your mobile ! Because for the second day you don’t need to worry , again the same 15 mins  saves the next day !

Now we shall go into some details of the battery – The Petalite Flux charger comes in four different color options,namely red , white,black , blue. The size of the battery is also nothing to worry about , it can fit in your pocket !
It weighs 95 g (approx.) .

How it charges so fast ?

There is nothing critical to ponder about , its a simple reason – because it has got a dock which is 20x times faster than a USB 2.0 Port but the exact technology is not revealed because it is under patent review.

What do you think about this type of battery ? Do you want it  ?
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