WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro Review: Exclusive Giveaway Expired

Last updated on August 12th, 2017

Hello, readers, we present you the review of WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro. In this review, you’ll get an overview of what the software is meant for and how much useful is it. And, the good news is that, you get an exclusive giveaway version of this software from our site.

This is a DVD ripping tool which lets you enjoy your favourite media on the go. Don’t worry, there’s not much to be done to extract the video you need in the desired output format, it’s just simple with a few clicks.

Why is it needed?

wonderfox dvd ripper pro logo

Well, you don’t carry around your favourite DVD collections all around the world. And, you can’t if you have a huge collection of DVDs. So, here’s why you need a DVD Ripper, to rip the DVD media’s and save it to your Android, iOS or any other mobile storage devices which supports the specific output formats.

And, it lets you enjoy the same content from DVDs on your portable devices whenever you need them. If you use a DVD Ripper and save the best collections to your desired device, then you can easily share the digital media files with your friends.

Most importantly, you can back up the media contents of DVDs. There’s always a worst case scenario to everything. If your favourite DVD wrecks, then you would be very sad for the loss. So, why not use a DVD Ripper and save the media content as a backup in any storage devices?

Now, let’s start reviewing it….

Package Size 

The WonderFox DVD Ripper pro is nearly about 19 MB. That can be called as a compact yet useful software tool. After extraction and installation, it was occupied about 34 MB.

Interface & Effects 

wonderfox DVD ripper

The interface is impressive.

It’s good that it lets you add some good effects to the output. There are limited amount effects present in the software tool. But, that’s enough to suffice a user. Obviously they won’t offer you breathtaking effects being a specifically DVD Ripper tool.

So, I would say it’s worthy of the actual retail price.

Now, what matters is…. its working and performance

We started with normal video songs collection media DVD. And, we got 0% quality loss after the complete ripping process. It was all the same.

The input file size was of 6.7 GB and astonishingly we got a .mp4 extension output of 818 MB. The compression ratio is appreciable provided that there was no quality loss.

A Word About it’s Speed

wonderfox dvd ripper working

It took us 20-25 mins to rip a 6.7 GB file to an 818 MB output file. Though we expected it to be faster, but the compression factor moved our attention from time consumed providing the output. The compression factor is really appreciable!

A Word About its Performance 

We reviewed this product on a Laptop powered by an i7 processor with 8 GB RAM.
One thing that left us a bit disappointed, and that was it’s CPU usage. It was using all 4 cores at 1.80 GHz frequency and used 97-100% of CPU according to the Task Manager. So, this might not be a problem for all the users but surely is not power efficient for a system running on batteries (Laptops). To be frank, a user would not rip DVDs the whole day. But, it can be improved being more power efficient. But, if we overlook the power consumption factor we get an awesome output!

wonderfox dvd ripper performance

And, when we tested it by changing the number of cores it should use for conversion and reduced the process’s priority to lowest and then we tried to convert the same input file again, the speed was extremely slow (Remaining time being nearly 2 hours)  and finally I thought to close the application but it didn’t respond. So, I had to go to the Task Manager to end the process.

Other features

It has the latest compatible output formats, and that’s what makes it worthy of its price.

wonderfox dvd ripper pro

Now, it’s giveaway time! Click on the button below to get it for free.


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