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Let’s be honest, most of us aware about the best Antivirus solutions never bother to think about Windows Defender. Albeit, it comes baked in with Windows 10 for free and it could technically save us a few bucks – if we do not purchase a subscription for some other premium 3rd party Antivirus software.

In fact, we weren’t wrong all the time – Windows Defender was definitely not the best around that you’d like to trust with your system’s security.

However, a new report by AV-TEST (a leading Independent IT-Institute) puts ‘Windows Defender‘ among the top choices for Windows 10 home user.

Windows 10 Is One Of The Top Choices Now

Av Test June 2019

Personally, I am still going to continue using Kaspersky Total Security. Probably, you are going to stick with the same software on your system as well.

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But, the report by AV-TEST (which is a trusted source of Antivirus test results) cannot stop me from having second thoughts of considering ‘Windows Defender’ as one my alternatives – if I do not want to continue the subscription with Kaspersky.

And, yes, this report targets only the home users. So, if you are a business/enterprise user, you might want to hold on to the security solution you already rely on.

Free ‘Windows Defender’ Vs Paid Antivirus Program: My Thoughts

Windows Defender Ui

If you know what you are doing on the web, trust the applications that you download, and practice the best security measures on your system – you can certainly stay protected with Windows Defender on board.

Especially, now, after the report – it is clearly a better product (and improving), if not the best.

In either case, if you are paranoid about changing the Antivirus software (or used to certain features offered by premium virus protection programs) – you should stick to the ones you already use.

Wrapping Up

If you are already using Microsoft’s Windows Defender, this is good news for you. But, for premium Antivirus security solutions – they might have to start offering more to justify the “premium” price users pay versus the free Windows Defender.

What do you think about ‘Windows Defender’ as one of the top Antivirus programs for Windows 10? Would you stick to your “premium” Antivirus solution or switch to Windows Defender?

Feel free to let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.

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