Windows 9:Rumours and Specs

Last updated on October 23rd, 2014

Windows 9 Start Screen

During the launch of Windows 8,the talks about Windows 9 had begun.Many people began wondering about the startups and the interface of the Windows OS’s after the launch of Windows 8 Beta.After the launch of  Windows 8,people had a hard time in adjusting to the new settings and user interface(UI) of the OS.With a whole new Start Screen and Connection with Microsoft Store,Windows 8 soon became a popular OS like Windows 7 and XP.But there were many people who didn’t appreciate the OS and gave negative reviews.

In Windows 9,Microsoft wants to make the interface more simple and user friendly.It also plans to introduce new concepts into the OS.Some of the Rumored Features are-

Start Menu

Start Menu-After the criticism regarding the Start Menu in Windows 8,Microsoft plans to bring back the old Menu to avoid negativism.The Start Menu would be exactly like in Windows 7,but along with this it would have the Live Tiles and other Store Apps.

Virtual Desktop-This concept was first introduced in Ubuntu OS.It is based on the concept of Multitasking.This feature allows multiple desktop interface to do simultaneous works. This was a feature which was expected to be introduced a long time ago by Microsoft.

There has been a lot of rumors regarding the release of this OS..Many leaked Screenshots revealed that the modern UI of Windows 9 is able to run the store apps in windowed mode rather than full.Hence if the user requires running apps on the desktop he could do them without switching interfaces.The latest update by Microsoft regarding Windows 8.2 which is expected to be released this September.So this news speculates the launch may be during Summer next year.The Beta Version is expected to be launched at the fall of this year,probably December.Some Reports suggest that it would be launched along with Windows 8.2.


These are few of the rumors relating to Windows 9.The public expectation on this OS is very high.Lets just hope Microsoft unviels this OS as fast as possible with good and User friendly features .




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