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-“What? Windows 10???  What is Windows 10? What about Windows 9??? ”

Am pretty sure these questions might be hovering in your mind, when you must have seen the title. It was supposed to be Windows 9 being showcased in the press event organized by Microsoft on 30th September, but instead the company revealed a glimpse of Windows 10. Perhaps, this is a message from Microsoft which says that the company has changed gears and made significant changes to the Windows platform and the upcoming version is the answer to that change.

So, what’s new?

To begin with, the smart button returns on the left bottom side of your screen and to your surprise the Windows Metro Apps have been incorporated into the smart-menu itself. This means, whenever you press the start button, you will see a filtered menu of all your files along with a separate space reserved for the live tiles/metro apps.

Windows Store Apps in fullscreen mode
Windows Store Apps in full screen mode

In Windows 8.1, you were able to access your store/metro apps in full-screen mode and only minimize them into the taskbar. But with Windows 10, you will be able to run those apps like the desktop applications. You can minimize, maximize, resize and freely move them on your screen.

Minimize, maximize, resize or freely move the apps on your screen
Minimize, maximize, resize or freely move the apps on your screen

The next feature that they have added is the task-view button to especially enhance your multi-tasking experience. Using this feature, you can easily switch to different set of apps running in the background within split seconds from a particular window. You can even snap each window/screen to support a maximum of four apps at the same time. That means, within one screen, you will be able to run four different applications, e.g. you can work on a document, browse the net, watch a movie and run any software in one screen….all at the same time. Using the snap utility, you can also create different desktops if you are working on multiple projects or applications.

And, yes… can we forget about Cortana? Don’t have any idea that Cortana can also be used in Windows 10 PC’s? You can refer this article-
Cortana on Windows 9??! [Correction- Windows 10]
Well, Microsoft did not reveal anything about Cortana though it was confirmed that the digital assistant will be included in the upcoming version of Windows. But if you focus on the image below, you will see a small magnifying glass in the left-bottom side of the screen (encircled in red). That has to be Cortana which is obvious.

We expect the magnifying glass to be Cortana
We expect the magnifying glass to be Cortana

Whatever, we have known so far regarding Windows 10 is only a small scratch of what this OS is actually capable of. We will keep you posted if there are more updates related to to the topic and don’t forget to caste your votes below:

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  1. I wonder why they call it a new version, it feels more like a Service Pack of 8.1 over being a new version.. If they really have to call it a new version, make it Windows 8.2 :P..

    Anyway, installed the Win 10 via VMware and was not happy with laggy performance.. Same setup running 8.1 goes smooth.. So will wait till they release it to update my 8.1.. I hear they would be offering it free for 8.1 owners ??

    Right ??


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