Will the Android powered BlackBerry Venice be a success?

Well what do you know, BlackBerry perhaps wants to prove that the company still has a hunch. The company is planning to release it’s first Android powered device code-named, “Venice”, according to many reports that have gone viral across the web. So, BlackBerry Venice is reportedly a touch and type smartphone, featuring a QWERTY slider keyboard. But will this device be a success in the market? Let’s work out:

So, the device features a 5.4 inch QHD display, powered by the hexa-cored Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 chipset @1.8 GHz, having 3 gigs of RAM. The phone will feature an 18 MP primary camera while there will be a 5 MP front facing camera. Specs like GPU and storage are yet to be confirmed. To be frank, this sure looks like a devil flagship phone by BlackBerry. The company is determined to match the standards of elite phones like LG G4 and iPhone 6. So, the combination of BlackBerry’s elite security features with Android functionality, sounds amazing but again this is a very risky move. Why will people choose to buy an expensive Android device from a company whose popularity has declined? Why will they empty their pockets for something ‘too costly’ about which they are not even sure of…whether it will provide them with quality or not? So, the number of people willing to purchase the product will be very limited as it will be open to a smaller audience. So, experimenting with a device too expensive is not a wise enough move by BlackBerry.

BlackBerry Leap: A mid-range smartphone

The company should have rather worked on creating a mid-ranged Android smartphone, so that the device would have the potential to attract a vast amount of users. Because then only their product would sell in the market in huge numbers which won’t happen if they offer the public to buy something expensive. Well considering everything, BlackBerry Venice won’t be a success at all. Perhaps, it’s time for BlackBerry to realize that the moves made by the company won’t help its survival in the smartphone industry. 

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