When will Note 4 come ? ?

Last updated on August 15th, 2014

You must have heard about the news about VR headset by Samsung is going to come soon at the end of this year.

Well , it’s time for a double bonus .. how about that ? Won’t you be excited ? … So  here’s the news – Samsing Note 4 is going to come with the launch of VR headsets !

People must be expecting the same design from Samsung , but it’s planning to surprise everyone.
According to our sources it will consist an OLED screen for a better change .

It will contain some additional support for unique things like support for VR headset , and more similar to these .

And the most talked about Samsung Smartphone , is it’s same design which Samsung is gonna change to ” Never Seen Before ” .

So let’s hope Samsung brings a change in reality ,according to what our sources are saying.

Stay tuned for more related updates!

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