Why Rockstar delayed GTA V for PC? Is it worth the wait?

Before we go down to the topic have a look at these epic reactions made by internet people after Rockstar Games’ re announcement of GTA V PC release date.

Here’s another one made by our Indian fans.

Folks you already know that Rockstar Games has yet again delayed the release of GTA V for PC. It was supposed to release on March 24. The new release date is April 14 while the Online Heists feature is gonna release on March 10 for consoles. Pretty frustrating right?

Rockstar didn’t say much about the delay. They just stated that the game requires some minor adjustment and development to ensure that it is as amazing and polish as possible. They also said it is a ‘new’ version of GTA V. Whatever they are doing, we think they are still busy in optimizing the game for PC. If you remember about GTA IV PC which was released in 2008, 6 months after console release it was quite unstable and buggy. Even the best graphics card of that time couldn’t run the game properly. Rockstar has learnt from that pathetic event and they aren’t doing the same this time. As all PCs don’t have same configuration such as CPU, GPU or RAM, so it can be quite difficult for the developers to bring a game that is stable enough to run smoothly on all ranges of PCs.

GTA V is the bestselling game of 2013 being the 6th best-selling game of all time with 7 Guinness World Records. So, don’t you think it needs much time win the heart of PC gamers?

Well, it may sound frustrating but to be frank, you should still wait for the game to release. Yes, we have waited long enough for this and we can still wait. Here’s why you should still be patient for the game:-

Playing the game in first person mode is the best experience you could ever ask for. If you have already played Dying Light, you would know how epic running in streets of San Andreas will be.  Just think of Call of Duty mixed up with GTA 4 Vice City.

The game has an adventurous story mode. Like all it’s predecessors the offline campaign won’t be any different. The map is huge and there are a lot many unimaginable things to do beside finishing the story. Take stunts, rob stores, ride mountain bikes, race cars and ultimately, the things that are only ‘fantasies’ in your real life are going to come to reality in this game. You could be the Dan Bilzerian of San Andreas!


If you are buying the legit copy of the game you can invite your friends to F things up and turn shit down. The Online Heist feature enables you to plot and execute missions as well as robberies. You can lend money to your friend for a heist and take share of the profit. You also get all the DLC’s free. Isn’t that amazing?

Have you seen the mod that makes you fly like superman in San Andreas? Yeah PC folks, modders are ready to add extra masala to your GTA V. Even some modders made the GTA IV almost like GTA V.

Forget the previous reasons. It’s your childhood furbisher Grand Theft Auto. Remember when you typed in your white keyboard ‘seaways’ your car could run on the water? Remember when you typed ‘jumpjet’ a Harrier jet would spawn before you and flew like no tomorrow? Remember? Good old childhood.


Dear PC gamers,  I know it’s quite late to release a game after 1 year where those dirty console peasants are laughing at us. I got friends who already played it on consoles but still pre-ordered to because it’s PC, like no other. If they can replay the game why can’t you wait two more months? I hope Rockstar is coming with a bombshell among the PC gamers and by bombshell I meant the actual game, not another delay announcement. All hail GTA V!

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