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WhatsApp’s latest bug was spotted in India. The bug known to be reported recently to WhatsApp by its users is that ” We get a message containing Chinese characters and suddenly WhatsApp crashes”. Well, it is not something big but this error or you may call it a trick to crash WhatsApp may help a person if he/she wants that you should delete the specific conversation you had with him/her and it also has another possibility of shutting down groups temporarily.

What Is This Actually ?

The bug is basically an unsupported character message which when encountered crashes the WhatsApp application. 

Here is the screenshot of the message : 

This simple code of message when sent to anyone causes the app to crash .

Is This A Serious Problem ? ?

No ! Absolutely not…This coded message is mainly useful for disturbing someone or make any newbie smartphone user to believe that ” he has to Reinstall the application”. This error occurs because the WhatsApp application is unable to decode the Chinese character’s which makes it vulnerable to crash frequently.


How to Prevent Crashes ? ?

Simply just back up your conversations before you get this type of message. If you already have received a message which stops your WhatsApp application then delete the person’s conversation who has sent you . And the most effective way is to keep WhatsApp application updated where the solution is fixed already. The update has been released on December 16 so which supports the Chinese characters.



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