The New “Materialistic” WhatsApp Gets More Options – [ Updated ]

Last updated on August 22nd, 2017

Updated – 19th April
After Facebook acquired WhatsApp, people expected a complete makeover of the app. However, it just kept updating with the bug fixes and the new calling feature. The UI and the icons were all the same.

And at the same time, other apps got updated with the new material design concept of Android Lollipop. Starting from all the apps developed by Google to the popular apps on the play store. And to talk about the Material design, it was admired by every one out there including users and developers of other mobile OS.

Now, WhatsApp has come out with it’s new makeover. We get to see a lot of changes in the new design. The icons seem very good. The main tab is now having a dark green color. In the previous design, you may have observed the logo in the home tab. But now, you will only observe the WhatsApp text without the logo in the home tab.

The profile tab makes the app more visually attractive. Well, there’s a rumor on WhatsApp that it is soon going to have a like and comment system in the profile tab. But there’s no official word on it and it may turn out as a myth forever. The icons present in the attachment option section seems to give a true lollipop taste. It also makes the app look more clean and more user-friendly. And in the chats, when you tap on the icon or image of a chat, the picture pops-out and gets displayed along with the options to message/call or get to the information tab. And for an interesting fact, a user ( having the latest WhatsApp version available from the Play Store) who didn’t find the audio option in the attachments, fortunately after installing this version on his Android Jellybean powered device, he go the option back.


When you go to add a new chat, you will notice “Add New group” option, which lets you directly create new groups. So, the overall group info, profile, chats, call and contacts layout looks great. And it has not yet encountered with any crashes or unexpected errors. So, you can install it on your device by following the download link below.

When will it arrive at the Google Play Store & How can You Install it now ?

The version we just talked about is 2.12.41. Many people who tried first, they have the 2.12.38 version got installed. This update has some change in the transition effects ( animation ). So, it seems like WhatsApp is still in the process to make it better. When the developers think that it is ready to go live on the Play Store, they will provide the update there.

And, if you want to experience the new Material design makeover, then download the latest version from its official website.

What’s the Update Now ? – 2.12.44 version

Well, few days back it was .41 version. Now, 2.12.44 version is available to download which has got a new back up feature. You can now back up your conversations directly to the Google drive, which is just awesome! The old technique used to keep a separate back up database on your phone. But that gets deleted when you do a Factory reset. After this feature came live on the 2.12.44 version, you can never loose your conversations, because it gets stored in the best cloud storage service i.e Google Drive.

whatsapp 2.12.44

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