8 Ways to Dramatically Improve your Android’s Battery Life

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Being an Android user, empowers you with a lot of features. Hardly anyone explores all of ’em unless they are categorized with a “geek” tag. Well, with a lot of flexibility there are downsides as well. The major downside among them is “Battery life” of your Android device.

An Android user is always worried about his/her device’s battery life. It might not be the same case for all users, but most of ’em keep on trying ways to maximize their Android’s battery life. Well, manufacturers know it too, and that’s the reason they launch separate products or variants of the existing device for battery conscious users by getting rid of specific features or downgrading them. If the features are essential, the manufacturer just upgrades the device with more juice in the battery.

So we’ll give the 7 best ways to maximize your Android’s battery life. It would dramatically improve the battery life up to a great extent. However, some of them might reduce the experience and performance you get normally. But, if you are worried about the battery life, then you should opt in to implement these.

#1 Take out the Widgets

My clean homescreen setup (example)

If you have a lot of widgets on your homescreen, it’s time to clean it up. There’s no one on earth who can save your battery while you keep running numerous widgets. It is one of the most effective ways to improve the battery life. I would recommend you to keep only the required shortcut icons on your homescreen. And, also remove the date & time widget from your homescreen, if you are comfortable looking for it on the lock screen.

Widget’s which you like the most, similar to Flipboard’s, might come handy to stay updated with the new buzz but would reduce the battery life. So, it is recommended to remove the widgets wherever possible. It’s your call. Shoot at it or get shot by the affected battery life!

#2 Have a sound sleep without Notifications disturbing you

android lollipop
Schedule Power Off/On

It’s something you really should do if you’re serious about your Android’s battery life. It’s more like a friendly tip. Do you want someone to disturb you at night while you’re asleep? Most of you don’t ( except you are expecting something important ). So, here’s what you should consider doing. If you’ve got a Samsung device, then you can simply use the blocking mode to allow only specific notifications from particular people.

Or, if you don’t even want to receive emergency calls at night ( possibly ), then you should definitely schedule power off/on to let your device rest (as you do) and save the battery consumption. This is the best thing you can do if you think that your device consumes a lot of battery juice even in standby mode.

App Notifications
App Notifications

If you happen to be a user who wants only notifications from services like WhatsApp to be enabled, then I have a simple suggestion for you to disable app notifications of the unneeded apps manually from the settings option.

#3 Turn off “Location”


Turn off the Location service. The location service updates the GPS track records and constantly runs in the background thereby consuming some drops of battery juice. But, at the end of the day you’ll find your battery percentage nearly empty. Trust me, you don’t need the Locations to be enabled until you want someone to know your coordinates, or when you use Google Maps.

This will maximize the device’s battery life effectively if you previously kept it enabled the whole day just to know about the weather.

#4 Clean up Recent Apps

android lollipop
Recent apps

Most of the Android users just tap the home button to exit from the app in a rush. But actually these are paused in the background which also takes up some amount of battery juice, to be ready to shoot again when waked up.

So, it’s advisable to clear the recent apps if you don’t need them frequently. If you had a long list of recent apps, then try to minimize it whenever possible because, it will effectively help your Android device easily survive a day (conditions apply).

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  1. Location: Sadly, all kinds of app require location services, be it public transport information stuff, weather information, pharmacy lookup and so on. And some of them hang for a rather long time with disabled locations.

    Killing apps might help with badly written apps. If the app wants to do something in the background and is implemented correctly it will start up on it’s own anyway, using MORE battery.

    Personally, I prefer a low tech solution to any battery drain: Just carry an additional battery with you, and swap it out if the phone dies. Being able to charge 0->100% in less than 30s, on the run, is the simplest solution.

    • That’s obviously a good option. But look, I’ll give you an example, Gun trainers could have said the soldiers to keep more ammo with them rather than shooting efficiently, more like one shot one kill. So, here’s a similar case. And after all, these methods cost you nothing to try on…

      You can have the locations service enabled when you need them, why should you keep it enabled(when you know it consumes battery juice)?

      And thank you for reading it 🙂 Feedback like yours, always helps to make us interact better with the audience 🙂

  2. My samsung has “ulta power saving mode” but without routing it is not possible to enable apps that would be sensible in black and white, low power (eg going on holiday, load up the kindle app with books and leave it in upsm) instead including web browsing as the default app (hmm, browsing slow in black and white, that’ll work well). Samsung say they have no intention of resolving so it’s clearly a gimmick.


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