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Last updated on August 18th, 2017

The talk about the inevitable sequel has already begun even though the dust around Watch Dogs has hardly settled.

According to IGN, the Vice President of Ubisoft Montreal has said that he knows that there were many flaws in Watch Dogs. He said that since it was a new IP, they didn’t have an exact idea about the future of the franchise and hence ‘it was difficult to do everything at the right level’. He further added that there will be ‘radical’ changes in the game. To achieve their aim of creating a open world with systems that completely give freedom to the players, the Vice President said that they will have to create new technologically advanced systems that were not present in the first game.


This is good news, to those who loved Watch Dogs like I did. What’s more comforting is that the team knows that there are flaws in the game; its hard to find dev teams who can actually accept that instead of give excuses for it.

Of course, most gamers would have a tough time believing anything Ubisoft says about Watch Dogs after the whole ‘graphic downgrade’ fiasco. But I think Ubisoft deserves another chance. Because, hey, these guys know how to make a franchise. Assassin’s Creed, Splinter Cell, Far Cry, these guys have given us some of the most fresh and amazing franchises of the recent years, so, although we cannot blindly trust them , we can be cautiously optimistic.

Once again, thanks to IGN for sharing this amazing news.

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