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Last updated on August 18th, 2017

Hi there! So, what’ve you been doing lately? Tapping on your screen 24×7? Well, that’s obvious because, all of us do so these days. We just tend to use the internet always, be it accessing Google Maps, reading a few journals, streaming videos or playing some games online. While there are people who spend a lot on data charges, there are also users who rather depend on public or secured Wi-Fi hotspots to remain connected. Even though the second option sounds to be cheaper, people relying on these hotspots often can’t access specific content online, as most of the times various categories of sites are blocked/restricted.

So, they have no option but to spend quite a sum of money to meet the data charges that simply seem to be never ending! Hell, what else you know? Even mobile ISP’s also sometimes allocate restricted access to users! At times, the Government also comes into picture and simply doesn’t allow users to browse freely at all! What do we do then? In these situations, VPN apps come to the rescue. Trust me, there are many such apps right now in the market, and you would be puzzled to use the perfect one. Hence, all thanks to the Vypr team, we present you such a wonderful application.


We got the privilege to test VyprVPN on Android as well as a Windows desktop. The app was used on a restricted university network. Unlike other applications, Vypr turned out to be one among the very few to bypass the restricted access.

User Interface

UIThe UI is pretty much the same both for desktop as well as Android. After successfully logging in, there is a connect button on the main screen. Below the connect button is a slider, with which you can view the location, speed graph, and connection log. I really liked the slider that depicts the important details. You can refer the gallery below to enlighten yourself.

Yeah, of course, the location tab is present along with the connect button itself. Tap on it and you get to see a range of servers to choose from. To further assist you in which server to choose, the ping is displayed along with the location of the dedicated server as well. Considering, so far, from a user point of view, you won’t find any complications in using VyperVPN. It’s very fast, fluid and simple.


Yeah, almost every VPN app is equipped with the exact same feature like finding a server and locating to it. But the set of features they have in store differentiates them from each other. So, let’s know what the hissing Vypr has to showcase.


Basically, VPN apps rely on various types of encryption technologies to provide secure access to users. There are four encryption technologies offered by Vypr.

Chameleon (256-bit Encryption)

The Chameleon encryption is a technology exclusively available on VyprVPN only. The 256-bit unique smart encryption tech, hides the VPN traffic so effectively, that your connection can’t be identified as a VPN one. This is made possible all thanks to the unmodified 256-bit Open VPN protocol. However, using it may affect your browsing/downloading speeds. You can probably use this in countries like China, as claimed by the devs. Well, it sounds funny and cool at the same time.

OpenVPN (256-bit/160-bit Encryption)

Though not as good as the Chameleon protocol, the OpenVPN is still a secured encryption technique that offers optimized speeds over high latency servers as well as far reaching locations.

L2TP/IPsec (256-bit Encryption)

Well, this is also a secured protocol but not as good as the OpenVPN tech, and to be frank, it’s slower too. However, it’s speed and security is better than that of the traditional PPTP (128-bit) Encryption.


Apart from the protocols, the application does offer some connection settings to make the user experience more dynamic. The app can make your device get automatically connected to untrusted networks. Thus, you won’t get any annoying messages related to untrusted connections repeatedly. Furthermore, if you feel like making the VPN to remain exclusive to certain apps, then you can do that as well. VyprVPN also has the power to block malicious sites, if you permit to do so and not only that, the most interesting thing is the ‘Kill Switch’ feature that lets you only access the internet when VyprVPN is connected.


The university network on which we operated, offered us an average speed of 1 MB/s. Yeah, you might have heard that a VPN often slows down your browsing/downloading experience. Well, that’s true but Vypr amazed us with its fangs! There was not much any difference in speeds even when we opted for the Chameleon protocol, the best encryption tech offered by the app.

Vypr_connected_1We tried downloading an app from PlayStore having a size of 48.5 MB with VyprVPN disconnected. It just took around a minute to download the file. To our astonishment, the download was completed with the same time with VyprVPN connected. Well, the screenshots don’t lie, which you can refer from above. However, the app did drain a lot of battery when used on an Android device and on the other hand, consumed quite some amount of RAM on the desktop. Furthermore, we tried running a few games with the VPN on the desktop like Rainbow Six: Siege. Well, unlike FinchVPN, Vypr doesn’t offer dedicated gaming servers and the latency rates while using the latter are a bit higher as compared to the former. So, it might affect the gamers who desire a better ping always.

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Plans and Pricing

Recently, Goldenfrog decided to make VyprVPN affordable by introducing a new set of pricing plans where you could get the most out of it at just 6.67 USD per month (which was initially charged for the starter plan).

In either case, if you do not want to make use of its Chameleon Protocol and VyprVPN Cloud, you could opt in for the basic VyprVPN plan which equips you with unlimited data usage without any restrictions at just 5 USD per month.

Overview Of VyprVPN


  • Dynamic Experience
  • Highly Optimized Speed
  • Best Encryption Tech


  • High Latency Rates


Final verdict

With its top-notch eye candy features and encryption protocols, VyprVPN is probably one among the best VPN’s in the market. If encryption and data speeds concern you irrespective of a tad high latency rates, then VyprVPN is your atta-boy!

Download (Play Store) | Download (Official Site)

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