Video to GIF Converter (Watermark-Software) Review: Limited Giveaway

Last updated on August 22nd, 2017

Hello readers, this time we bring you the software review of “Video to GIF” along with a giveaway offer (license key at the end of the article) valid for a short period of time (2 days from now).

It’s developed by Watermark-Software. Video to GIF converter is a handy software tool in the modern era where GIFs are most used in social platforms like Google+. It makes things interactive and way more expressive.

The premium version of this software comes with a price tag of $19.90, but after all it’s free for you (countdown till Aug 13th). And, the download package size is of 12.20 MB. Now, let’s move on to the review.

The User Interface 

video to GIF

The UI is quite decent, simple and clean. Embedded with instructions, which helps any user to achieve the task. However, the design can be improved (modernized) to make it more visually attractive. That’s what we would suggest them. An example can be given with Clean Master for PC. Well, it’s an irrelevant software tool to this. But, Clean Mastert’s UI is worth ppreciation which comes with nearly 5 MB package size.

The Features

video to GIF

This software is meant for one work, i.e converting Video to GIF. So, the features can be summed up as the options available for work:

1. Frame rate control option

2. Effects available

3. Resizing resolution

4. Major output formats supported

The Working

video to GIF

It works great. The frame rate control option is really useful. It’s the same quality we observe in most of the GIFs. I would say that the output could have been more data efficient. But, if we consider the quality, I would take my words back.

It takes around 4-5 seconds if you are converting with 10-20 frames. If the number frames exceed 40, then it takes around 35-40 seconds to complete the conversion process. Now, the question is.. What’s the resource usage?

The Performance

It works real smooth. We didn’t encounter any lags/crashes/errors in it. We tested it on Windows 8.1 platform equipped with an i7 processor and 8 Gigs of RAM.

It’s really impressive. It just took around 14-15% CPU and we converted several videos observing a maximum of 130 MB of RAM consumption. So, this is indeed a resource friendly software. It should work on low-end systems too without any problem. Here’s a screenshot of the task manager showing the resource usage.


CPU usage (Leftmost value), RAM usage (Middle value)

Download the software by clicking on the download button below. (this will redirect you to the software’s official website)

download now
Here’s the giveaway key for our readers:


Happy converting! It’s now time to know the rating!

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