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System Mechanic 14

The previous version of 12.7 was also very good but the current versions features makes the old one an average PC Tuner .
The new version advances in Live boost technology, you can get dynamically delivered performance for your resource hungry apps running on your computer! Here you can also manage your power mode and help the software intelligently balance the performance by your custom settings !

tech legends
System Mechanic

Now talking about other three new features , let’s look at it point wise :

  • Power Sense :

    This technology helps live boost to dynamically manage the balance when an app is launched .

  • Ultra Performance mode :

    Boosts app speed by focusing your PC’s processor and memory on that session. Delivers raw, fast and uncompromised power for your big resource demands: playing games, making music, editing videos, graphic design and high demand productivity.

  • Endurance mode :

    When battery life is top priority. Reduces power consumption and extends  battery life. At a coffee shop, or on the fly, sometimes battery life is a big issue. Endurance Mode switches your PC to basic minimum power usage so your computer can last as long as you do.

    tech legends
    System Mechanic

The current version is on it’s way for review by us , we will test it for gaming conditions , normal conditions and as well as idle conditions , so stay tuned with us to read the review!

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