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UC Browser’s previous update was a bit buggy and felt like an old UI quality. But a recent update on Oct 26 made significant changes and it got much better than before.

The current version is 13 MB and users will definitely prefer UC Browser due to the memory size which is a factor for installing and using apps. As you may have seen that the new google chrome UI for android is annoying to see .

So, UC Browser has got a chance to take over a top developed browser like Google Chrome.

Let us take a look at its new features and then you may decide that will it be worthy to keep it on your device or not.

Being Anonymous

This feature is present in almost all browsers but UC has got a customization mode for incognito mode,hide your privacy with the theme you want.

Customize Your Experience

The one feature for which US browser has millions of downloads is only due to the theme choices. Download any theme you like or keep your own picture as a theme or tabbed background.

Faster Facebook

Are you still using Facebook through the browser on your phone?
Don’t worry UC Browser features a FB ADD ON which will make your facebook mobile browsing experience faster than ever before.

Gesture Controls

Were you worried about how to manage all your browser tab windows ? You don’t need to think about it more frequently because you can switch to other tabs intuitively with gesture controls.

Night Mode

This feature is like a trademark to the UC Browser. You must be browsing by lowering your screen brightness at night. UC Browser lets you read not just with comfort but also with great night experience so your eyes feel relaxed while browsing.

Let us know in the comments below if you face any major bugs and share your experiences below.

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