The clock is ticking down and the most anticipated game of the year, Watch_Dogs, is coming closer and closer to us. Just recently Ubisoft released a new trailer, showcasing all the main characters involved in the storyline of the game. We generally come to know about the basic bio-data of all the protagonists. This trailer makes you explore all these characters in-depth and hence, reveals more about what actually the story is based upon.

As far as we are concerned, Watch_Dogs will introduce five main characters: Claire Lille, a tattoo-cum-hacktivist; “T-Bone” Grady, a welder; Jordi Chin, Aiden’s associate; Anthony “Iraq” Wade, a former army signal specialist and last but not the least the crime-syndicate lord, Dermot “Lucky” Quinn.

We all are waiting for the big-day, i.e. May 27th, and the patience is just “unbearable”.


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