Ubisoft Finally Reveals Watch Dogs 2 Along With Some Teaser

UPDATE: Release Date Confirmed

Gamers! Watch Dogs 2 has been finally revealed as Ubi just released a teaser video of the upcoming open-world hacking adventure. Alas, this was the news most of us have been craving for with our utmost patience, and it’s time to dive-in as, there’s word about the game’s official unveil @8 pm on 8th June according to the Eastern Standard Time.

Boy oh boy! Furthermore,  Kotaku has some additional info for us, though Ubi hasn’t told us anything yet, Watch_Dogs_2 will be set in San Francisco with the vigilante hacker named ‘Marcus’ as the protagonist. So, the rumors regarding a new character turned out to be true after all. Though the predecessor of the game, was not upto the mark according to most of the critics and gamers, the people are still excited to see something fresh in the franchise.

I myself also discovered that, the devs could have done a lot better with WD but still the game meant a lot to me. Why? Well this is very personal, because my career as a gaming blogger started with this very great game, and I simply can’t tell you in words how excited I am to hack and explore CTOS 2.0!  Watch Dogs 2 will be out for Xbox One, PC and PS4 by 15th Nov this year. Till then we promise to keep you hooked up with unique content and material related to the game!

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