-“He was an assassin. He was a friend, a brother…Now the man who was once called a brother, he’s coming to hunt us all!”

That’s right he will come to hunt all of us! Any idea about whom we are talking about? That person is none other than Shay, the protagonist of the upcoming AC Rogue. Ubisoft recently unveiled a trailer confirming a PC version of the game that has been set for an early 2015 release date, while the title will be launched on platforms like Xbox 360 and PS3 on November 11, 2014.


The trailer also reveals the story of Shay, mainly focusing on how he betrayed his own creed and joined the templars, thus hunting all the assassins who he thought as corrupted one’s. You may be happy to see some characters returning from Assassin’s Creed III like, Hatytham Kenway and Achilles. Remember Achilles who trained Ratohnhaketon a.k.a Connor? I hope thay you must be also excited for this game.


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