Uber: Your Personal Driver

Need a ride on the push of a button? Stuck in the middle of nowhere…no taxi available? Then your only solution is Uber. Available in more than 40 countries, this app acts as your e-cab service. Couldn’t get the point? Don’t worry we’ll cover all the details and features of this app in this article.

Uber: Your e-cab service
Uber: Your e-cab service

Uber, a revolutionary and reliable app can help you to fetch a cab anytime you wish. You just need to set up an Uber account, register your debit/credit card or Paypal account details and then you get access to the services offered by this app. You get a GPS like interface where you choose a pickup location for your ride. After doing so, you can watch your cab arriving at your location in minutes. Even you can choose exactly what sort of cab you want, be it a normal taxi or a sedan or an SUV.  You also get to know the estimated fare of your ride. After you reach your destination, a payment receipt will be  e-mailed to you. So, you don’t even need to pay in cash. You can also share your taxi with any other Uber user in order to split your fare to make it affordable.

According to a Uber user, Tim Newbold, “It’s very easy to use and the drivers are great. Uber is a joy to use! Requesting a pick up is super simple, it even tells you the driver’s ETA. The fare estimate feature is also awesome. The best part about this app is that the drivers are all really friendly and the cars are in great condition.”

Uber- first launched at Bangalore in India
Bnagalore became the first Indian city to get Uber services

Uber is available on Android, iOS and Windows.

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