Truemessenger : Makes SMS more interactive and SPAM-free

Last updated on August 18th, 2017

Welcome to the next level of SMS management. Truecaller, the company famous for the app available with the same name, now introduces another innovative app “Truemessenger“. 

As the name suggests, it is an SMS client. But, it’s something different as well as helpful for the users. Are you fed up by unwanted messages? Curious to know who sent you that message? Well, you no need to consult a CIA investigation for that! Truemessenger is meant for the job.


Truemessenger helps you identify the stranger, even if he/she isn’t present in your contacts. After you install the app, it asks you to manually select the messages already present in your inbox which you think to be categorized as Spam.

With this installed, you can keep the SMS box free from junk messages and clear up the view for a richer SMS experience. truemessenger

You can block the messages from unwanted numbers and contacts. And, at the same time by reporting spam you can also help the community aware of common spammers. It also comes with an advanced filter option by which you can filter spam by certain keywords or by number series (country specific or area codes).



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