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Last updated on August 22nd, 2017

Hello, readers, welcome to the age of customization. Well, being an Android user, you must have tried endless possible customization options on your device. And, if you haven’t it’s the right time to decorate your phone’s UI.

Launchers are too common to try customizing smartphones, but there are icon packs present, which is not being used widely as the launchers. If you haven’t tried any icon pack yet, then you should be happy to come here because we are going to help you with a list of great icon packs. Don’t worry, if you happen to be a user not knowing about icon packs, everything will be taken care of in this article.

What is an Icon Pack?

First of all, it should be mentioned that it is the best possible way of customizing a non-rooted Android device. You don’t need to root the device or flash any fancy ROM to take advantage of icon packs. So, this is a package that is available on the Play Store. It needs a compatible launcher to work with. If the launcher doesn’t support icon packs, then it won’t help you anyway.

Recommended Launchers that you should have before downloading an Icon Pack are:
1. Nova 
2. Apex
3. Smart 
4. Action 
5. Solo
6. KK 
7. Atom 
8. Holo 
9. ADW 
10. Inspire 

Now, if you have any of these installed, you are geared up to try the best icon packs till date!
Before we move on, you should know how to apply an Icon pack (if you never have).

Steps to Apply an Icon Pack (Simple Example)

Well, there’s no rocket science in it. You just have to follow the on-screen options within the launcher settings. Here’s an example from Nova launcher used to apply the icon packs:

Now, let’s look at the best 9 Icon packs (FREE/Paid) available on the Play Store. As usual, let’s start from the bottom charts.

#9 Numix Circle  (FREE)

This is the most successful icon pack among other apps developed by Numix Project Ltd. Well, it gets a good score by the Play Store users with 4.1-star rating. And, is appreciable. But, for us it looks way more faded than the effect itself (especially with the WhatsApp and Messenger app icon). Here’s a screenshot below of my setup.


However, not all the icons look faded, other icons are appreciable and the app drawer icon makes a good match to the app icons. Grab it now from the play store by clicking on the button below.
#8 Polycon (Beta) (FREE)

Developed by TheArc Labs, this is the only app developed being the Polycon icon pack, which is still in beta phase. Here the beta version depicts that it doesn’t support most of the icons. So, this icon can be helpful to decorate your smartphone’s UI if you are using the most popular or common apps, still there’s no guarantee in that.


Are you wondering how this app got in this list, when it’s a brand new icon pack? Well, the first thing is that it has got a 4.7-star rating on the Play Store. And, it is incredibly creative. But, doesn’t yet contains all the icons you need. So, we are hoping that this app travels to the top 3 list after numerous icon additions.

#7 Devo (Paid: 0.99$)

devo icon pack

This is a unique conceptualized icon pack developed by StealthyChief. It is one of the most popular developer to give users their dream icon packs. It’s currently available at a low price tag by slashing off from the original price by 50%. So, this is the right time to grab it for yourself if it suits your taste.

The icons are great for the homescreen. But, somehow disappoints within the app drawer. It’s just what we think. It doesn’t necessarily mean that it is bad. It’s a great icon pack indeed!

#6 Rondo (FREE)

rondo icon pack

It is a clean, dynamic as well as shadow effect injected theme. The users who love different color vibes on their UI, will like it the most. At the play store, it has been rewarded a 4.5 star rating. That sounds cool and, that’s why, it deserves to be in the Top 9 charts.

#5 Elta (FREE)

elta icon pack

The developer of this icon pack is the same as of Rondo. However, at the play store this pack has been rewarded with 4.6 stars. And, it is much like the previous one, but provides more vibrant color feel because of the square sized icons. The icon pack comes loaded with proper materialistic shadow effects. So, you won’t be disappointed using it. After all, it’s free!

#4 Click UI (Paid: $1.99)

click UI

This is the best available paid icon pack in the Play Store. The icons follow a subtle shadow effect which gives you a visual treat for your icons. The round icons impress users with their creative icon designs and simplicity. Although it can’t be called as completely stunning compared to the next icon pack in the list.

It can also be considered to be a worthy place holder in the Top 3 icon packs list. But, in the end, an app which costs the highest in the list is not necessarily the best.

#3 Stealth (Paid: $0.99)

It is an ultra-sleek theme icon. Do you love the darkness effect? If yes, then this icon pack will be your first priority to buy. The icons give you a 3-D dark accent. Numerous icons available on your personal request. And, pre-installed icons won’t disappoint either.

stealth icon pack

It makes your device’s UI sleek, stylish and attractive.

#2 Moonshine (FREE)

It is the most popular icon pack in the Play Store. However, it only focuses on the materialistic design approach which most of the people love. But, not always the most popular thing on earth is necessarily the best.

moonshine icon pack

The icons are best suited for users who want everything to go in sync with the material design. It’s alternatively the No.1 icon pack. However, it does the job well by providing the best crafter material design icons. But, the icons are inspired by Google, and not surely a unique approach to give a different UI experience. If you are a Nexus user, you won’t get a different vibe from it.

#1 Aeon (Paid: $0.99)

This is not a popular icon pack on the Play Store. But, trust me its great!
And, most importantly its stunning, sleek, beautiful as well as decent. Here’s a screenshot which depicts its awesomeness!

aeon icon pack


This icon pack definitely needs popularity and appreciation if you are interested in getting a paid icon pack with this accent. It gives the best visual treat to any user. And, it has been rewarded a 4.7 star rating on the Play Store.

However, the ranking of the icon packs have been done according to our choices. But, it actually depends on what you like or hate the most. So, we just helped you filter the best on the Play Store. And, we’ll keep updating the article monthly (if any new icon pack gains our attention). So, you may bookmark this page for future reference or simply subscribe to our newsletter here.

Hope it helps!
Have fun with the icon packs!

*If you find any error or outdated information in the article, please let us know at [email protected] 


  1. If I made a “top 9 list” for icon packs, not one of the mentioned packs in this list would have made the cut. The only one that deserves mentioning is ‘stealth’. All of the others are well below par. I personally own/have over 30 icon packs, so I am very aware of which ones deserve to be on any type of list. The paid versions will always be better, but I have some outstanding packs that were free, and that blow away all 9 packs on this pathetic list. I’m sorry, I am just in disbelief at the packs that were actually chosen for this article. Readers need to know that this list doesn’t do quality icon packs any justice. All of these packs may as well be stock, besides ‘stealth’ and maybe ‘moonshine’. Just for the record, my number one would easily be ‘Cobalt’, with ‘Vion’, ‘Proton’ and maybe ‘Reflector’ being the runner ups….. Thank You.

    • Thanks for the feedback. We’ll definitely work on a better-improved list. But, as the perception differs the list would not be according to what others think. According to the majority of reader votes, we have verified the list. And, we’ll go through newer icon packs, including the packs you mentioned and would update those if we find those suitable.

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