Top 5 Android Launchers: January Trends

Monday, January 11, 2016

User Interface is what we look for when using a device or an application software. So, it is an important factor for a developer to make sure everything fits for the best experience.

Android’s material design is indeed a treat to explain and so, the hunger for a material UI keeps on growing everyday among the users. But, nevertheless, a good UI would always succeed, no matter whether it follows the material design guidelines or not.

So, we’ve chosen the top five trending Android launchers which you can try out for the best experience on your Android smartphone.

1. Arrow Launcher by Microsoft

arrow launcher

Arrow launcher is a Microsoft Garage project. We’re soon going to have an interview/conversation with Lawrence Ripsher (Arrow’s Founder) where he would answer some interesting questions on Microsoft’s plan for Android and we’ll also get to know more about him. So, make sure you subscribe to our Newsletter (you can find it at the right sidebar).

Arrow is simple and smooth. It mostly boosts the productivity of a user. The launcher comprises of five pages (Apps, Recent, Widgets, People, and Notes & Reminder’s). You can set any one of them as the homepage. To know more, head on to read the complete review of Arrow launcher.

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2. Nova Launcher

nova launcher launcher for android

Nova has been on our top charts earlier and it’s one of the best evergreen Android launcher. However, looking at the current trend, Arrow launcher leads.

If you were searching for a material design launcher with customizing capabilities, this should be your choice. However, it doesn’t support themes, but it does support icon packs. You can also check out the best icon packs to customize Nova launcher’s default look and make it look even more beautiful.

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3. Lightning Launcher

lightning launcher android launchers

This launcher has emerged as the most customizable one so far. And, the developers offered the launcher for just 19 INR till January 1, 2016. Yes! It’s a paid application. But, it offers various customization options. It isn’t a simple launcher but a rather light app with massive set of options.

However, if anything goes wrong with your homescreen settings, you might need more than a minute to resolve it (complexity of homescreen management). It is partially complex, but once you get acquainted, you’ll probably love it!

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4. CM Launcher

android launchers cm launcher

CM Launcher is fast and responsive. It supports multiple themes. And, you can also set a DYI theme. The most important thing about this launcher would be – Security. It comes along with the CM Antivirus engine. So, it would also protect you from malicious apps as well.

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5. Launcher X

Launcher X android launcher

Yet another approach similar to Action Launcher 3, this application comes with unique set of features and designs. It is smooth, responsive and attractive as well. There’s also a sidebar baked in …which helps to get to your favourite tools faster. And, yes, it is a kind of an all-in-one launcher as they claim to be!

Well, these are the current trending launcher for this month. We aren’t taking this into account as the best launchers available on the Play Store. So, if you would want to try any one of the above, we would recommend trying out Arrow, Launcher X and Lightning launcher being in the trend even if not widely popular.

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*If you find any kind of error in this article, do let us know at with details.

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  1. A little wrong on theeming g on Nova can theme a little bit if icon packs are coded for it..Ie wallpapers,look& feel of icon,etc…Beta tester of Nova Prime since it’s conception..

    • Hi, Bill! 🙂
      Maybe you’re right, but it doesn’t support “themes” as in whole like cm launcher does(external themes)… I meant that.. 🙂
      But, I hope you like the trending list! 😀

  2. Sorry, I can’t take any article seriously that recommends anything by Cheetah Mobile. Do you not know anything about their business practices?

    • Well, I know what you mean to say, but this is simply a trending list. I can’t include another launcher which isn’t trending this month (according to what I’ve researched). I am sorry if you didn’t like mentioning Cheetah Mobile product.

  3. I beg to disagree with this article… most of these launchers look the same with several having a little more than others, have tried them and still have to go back to using Yahoo Aviate which is by far the simplest and most organized of the lot.

    • No problem. Different user = different needs. I have put together the trending launchers of this month. There are several differences, which you may not have observed, but they aren’t the same 🙂


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