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Last updated on August 22nd, 2017

Hello readers, in this article we are going to present with the details of top 5 security apps for Android devices. The users have got a variety of choices to choose the best suitable anti-virus for them. Some consider the design, simplicity, size of the app and the team behind it. But we recommend the AV-Test results to choose the Anti-Virus app for your Android device. AV-Test is an independent IT Security Institute which certifies the Antivirus products for both mobile as well as for PC. You may call the AV-Test awards as the Oscars in the field of security products.  If you are concerned about protection, performance and usability then you should choose within the 5 anti-virus apps mentioned below.

CM Security Antivirus Applock

CM Security
CM Security has been developed by Cheetah Mobiles. It’s size varies with device. And if we look at the Google Play Store, it is the smallest anti-virus app in terms of size which you can opt for, even if you have a less internal storage left for installation.

Well, you must be thinking that if it is the smallest anti-virus out there, then it may fail to protect your device as the paid anti-virus does. Unfortunately, you went for the wrong thought. This app is ranked as the No.1 Antivirus app for Android. Is this the only achievement ? No! It has been ranked as No.1 continuously for 7 times till the year 2014. It may get the 2015 award too, because getting ranked as #1 for continuously 7 times is not a joke !


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Features Available : 

1. First of all it is completely free.

2. App lock integrated.

3. Vulnerability scanner and tuner.

4. Fastest anti-virus Engine [ Malware detection too ]

5. Vault – to protect your files.

6. Cloud Storage option [Free]

7. Anti-Theft | Find Phone

8. Call Blocking 

9. Safe Browsing

10. Intruder Selfie

11. Get’s integrated with Clean Master to make your phone faster and safer.

12. On-Install scanner

13. Privacy Advisor

Features Not Available :                   

1. Message Filter

2. Parental Control

3. System Encryption

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Mobile Security & Antivirus – Bitdefender

Bitdefender Antivirus

Bitdefender is in the No.1 ranking among the Antivirus products available for a PC. Yet, it is also considered as the best for Android device but still hasn’t been awarded as the No.1 product. So, we keep it at the second position.

It is a paid app which can be tried upto a period of 14-days. After the trial-period gets over, you can use it at 1.49$/month or 14.95$/year.

Features Available :

1. Smartwatch support

2. Malware Scanner

3. Privacy Advisor

4. Web-security

5. Anti-Theft

6. Safe Browsing

Features Not Available :

1. Call Blocker

2. Message Filter

3. Backup ( Cloud Storage or SD Card )

4. Parental Control

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Mobile Security & Antivirus – Avast

Avast mobile security

Developed by Avast Software, it’s size too varies with devices. It’s a free app having no trial-period limitations. But it offers in-app purchases to enable premium features. Well, for a basic use, it can be called as a free anti-virus. But if an user looks for a variety of features present in his/her antivirus app, then it has to be upgraded, to enable premium features.

Features Available :

 1. App manager

2. Network Meter

3. Firewall [ For rooted phones ]

4. Anti-Theft

5. App locking [ PAID ]

6. Ad Detector [ PAID ] (*Note : It’s just a detector to give you information on Ads origin, it’s not an Ad blocker)

7. Geo-Fencing – Make your phone scream when it goes beyond a specific perimeter from you. [ PAID ]

8. Remote SMS [ PAID ]

9. Backup [ PAID ]

10. Intrusion Selfie [ PAID ]

Features Not Available :

1. Parental Control

2. Encryption

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Quick Heal Total Security


Developed by Quick Heal technologies America Inc, this app is available in two versions. A free-version, which requires no in-app purchases and the other being a paid version which costs INR 449. The free edition being of 13 MB whereas the paid app gets a bit more size, that is – 15 MB. The necessary features are available in the Free edition but comes with some limitations. So, if you expect a complete protection from Quick Heal Total Security, then it’s better to opt for the paid version.

Features Available :

1. Anti-Theft

2. Call Blocking

3. Message Filter

4. Emergency Stealth SOS 

5. Privacy Advisor

6. Security Advisor

7. Intruder Detection

8. Advanced Anti-Theft [ PAID ]

9. Call & Message Filter Unlocked [ PAID ]

10. Parental Control [ PAID ]

11. Backup [ PAID ]

Features Not Available :

1. Encryption

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Mobile Security & Antivirus – Trend Micro 

Trend Micro

Developed by the popular American Security software company, Trend Micro Inc, this app occupies 9.3 MB memory on your device. It may vary according to the data. It comes pre-installed on some devices and offers in-app purchase to get itself upgraded to a premium product.

And at the start you get to use all the premium features till a 30-day trial period, so that you can decide if the features  are worth the price you will pay for later.

Features Available :

1. Free Antivirus Protection & Scanner

2. 50MB of Cloud Storage to backup contacts/photos/etc.

3. Privacy Scanner for Facebook

4. Battery Saver and Status

5. Memory Booster and Status

6. Just-a-Phone – kills non-essential background processes during calls when your battery is low

7. Free History Cleaner

8. 30-day trial of the premium features (After 30 days, you can upgrade to the premium version or keep using the free features.)

9. Malware Blocker – an industry first! – detects and blocks malicious apps downloaded from Google Play before they can install and threaten your device and your data. Other products can only block malicious apps after they have been installed and can cause damage. [ PAID ]

10. Malware Cleaner – removes malware and restores your smartphone’s normal settings [ PAID ]

11. Lost Device Protection – features that let you find, lock, and wipe a missing device [ PAID ]

12. Privacy Scanner – warns you of apps that could steal your data [ PAID ]

13. Safe Surfing and Call & Text Filtering – helps keep you and your kids safe from unwanted contact and content [ PAID ]

14. Auto Just-a-Phone – automatically kills non-essential background processes during calls when your battery is low [ PAID ]

15. Smart Power Saver – intelligently manages your network connections to use less battery power [ PAID ]

Features Not Available :

1. Backup

2. Encryption

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Let us know in the comments section below if you have any queries or suggestions on the list of the top 5 security apps. You may also share the article if you found it helpful.

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