Top 5 Launchers for Android: July Trends

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

If you are here, you love decorating your Android’s UI! Well, the easiest and reliable customization that you can do without the knowledge of rooting and ROM flashing is to use launchers. But, which one should you choose? There are several launchers in the Play Store and if you would go on scrolling down the list, I doubt you would reach an end to it.

So, let’s make things easier for you. Here’s the list of top 5 Android launchers for July.

1. Nova Launcher

It’s one of the evergreen launchers for Android. Before the release of Android 5.0, this launcher was believed to be the fastest and a performance oriented launcher. But, after the release of materialistic approach, it took a huge step forward.

This launcher gives a great material design UI if you aren’t lucky enough to have a materialistic default launcher. Great icon pack support makes it even more worthy. Not sure what an icon pack is? or confused which is the best icon pack? Check out the top 9 icon packs for Android.¬†You can even go for the prime version i.e paid version of Nova. The Nova Prime unlocks some advanced settings and transition effects.


2. Action Launcher 3

This can be simply described as a modified version of Nova. The modified features include a cover system, which lets you access the on-screen folders by swiping up. And, another feature, “shutters” which adds a widget intelligently when you swipe an app icon. This launcher also supports icon packs.



3. Google Now

Do you use Google Now more often? If yes, this launcher is best suited for you. Now, you can access Google Now right from your homescreen. Just say, “OK Google” to trigger the voice input. From the homescreen, you can just swipe right to access Google Cards. This launcher as a whole lets you easily access Google services and products.




4. Go Launcher

This app is widely popular and has got a huge number of installations on devices! However, it doesn’t go for the materialistic design approach like Nova and Action 3. It’s a great launcher indeed! But, with little downsides in it. If you have a device that performs well, you’ll be happy installing GO Launcher. But, if you are looking for a launcher at situations when you already have apps using lots of resources, installing this will result in an ultimate lag (most of the cases observed by us). Finally, if you have a good performing device. It’s intuitive, clean and customizable.



5. EverythingMe Launcher

It’s a creative launcher, that aims to make your homescreen smarter. It has got some trademark features like Smart Folders, Quick contacts panel and the prediction bar.

The launcher is context oriented. If you want all the installed services to be neatly organized and easily accessible, you should try it out!


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