Top 4 New Android Games of the Week

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Bored playing the same games over and over again? Want to start something fresh-a-new? Don’t worry as we’ve made a list of a few interesting new games that you may or may not have heard of-



If you’ve played games on PC like LIMBO, Flip Master is the perfect Android game for you. All you have to do is…run, flip and jump. The controls are very simple. Your character will keep on running constantly and you have to jump through obstacles, flip to change directions and collect the flag to complete a particular level. There are also many power-ups available at your disposal, to help you in your quest. You’ll be simply addicted to this game. So, what are you waiting for? Download it for free from PlayStore now:



This game is perfect for FPS fans. Extreme Counter Strike is a survival first-person-shooter, where you have to face waves of enemies alone. The game will test your reflexes, as multiple enemies will emerge and shoot at you simultaneously. So, you have to be very fast in order to eliminate them. Apart from that, the game also provides you with sleek graphics and a lag-free performance. It’s available for free at PlayStore. Click the link mentioned below to install the game on your Android device.



This 3D run game can keep you engaged for hours, all thanks to its stunning visuals, challenging environment and smooth gameplay. The game offers 4 different set of environments with more than 40 levels. You can choose upto four contestants and compete with them. You have to run, dodge, jump, crawl and swim your way through different levels in the game. The app is available for free at PlayStore. Refer the link mentioned below to download the game:



Dodge vehicles and maneuver through obstacles like road-blocks with your bike at the ultimate speed, to test your racing quotient in a 3D-environment. As you progress, earn xp as well as money that can later help to customize and upgrade your gear. There are a wide range of bikes to choose from and you have the privilege to either race in day or night. You can get this game for free of cost from PlayStore. The link has been mentioned below:

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