Top 4 INDIE games everyone must try…!!

Last updated on August 18th, 2017

Hey guys are you still waiting for the release of AAA games in the late 3rd and 4th quarter? Those days are gone when you have to download around 65GB-setup of any game. Don’t screw your weekends by playing the same level over and over, instead check out this list.

What does indie means…??

Indie games are games created by individuals or small teams generally without video game publisher or strong financial support. These developers are usually present members of the top game developing companies and usually they work on these games as side projects. Enough of definitions let’s take a look over the list.



From the developers of Amnesia and Penumbra created by “Frictional Games”, SOMA is a first person fiction survival horror game where you will end up just figuring out where you are and why.

You will find yourself at a creepy location and no doubt Soma’s straight forward “Abandoned Experimental Site” .The game takes place at Pathos-2, an underwater research facility. The walk-through seems to be pretty same as the other horror games we played earlier, enter a room , pick a note, flip the switch , enter another room, and yeah, running away from the that creepy sound that you think might kill you. Soma’s demo doesn’t have physics puzzles or a sequence of mixing things up, instead the environment itself is a puzzle.

You will eventually find out something terrible happened here when you see no humans instead of machines having human-characteristics and that’s really creepy! What you have to do is just not get yourself killed…seems pretty easy, huh? Not so fast! As the game environment will make your body shiver every time you hear something. You can access something called PathOS and access the file structure of the database created by the previous crew. It’s hard to reveal anything until this creepy title is released. You can try this on PC and PS4. Until then stay Alive and keep the lights on whenever you can!



Take part in a dynamic ecosystem life-cycle with its own prey and predator hierarchies.

Ark is a third person multiplayer action adventure survival game developed and published by “Studio Wildcard”.You will find yourself on an island probably naked and starving. To survive you must create a base. Gain experience and get control over 60 different dinosaurs. Bases can be expanded, as you gather more resources. Dinosaurs can be tamed by feeding them or they might just love to tear you apart. Once a dinosaur is tamed, you can access its abilities such as flight, swimming and running to travel across the map called the “ARK” expanded over 48 square km. They can be assigned different tasks such as guarding your base or attack enemy outposts.

Beware of the other players, they might play safe or it will be like,  “You just came to the wrong side of the neighborhood!”. Team up and go for a hunt. The game features highly customisable weapons. You can kill them with bow and arrow, guns or just get wasted.

You can play this amazing game on PS4, Xbox one and PC.

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