Top 4 Free News Apps For Android This Month

Your day begins and ends with news, be it while sipping a cup of coffee or before going to sleep. So, a news application on your phone is definitely a must have if you want to be updated with everything happening around the world. There are a huge number of news apps available on Playstore and you may get confused in installing the perfect one. Don’t worry, as we have selected a list of those apps that might help you in choosing your right news-partner.



If you are in for a mix of lifestyle updates a.k.a lifehacks along with trending news, BuzzFeed is the ideal app to ‘buzz’ you with important topics of your own interest. The UI is very sleek and provides easy accessibility. All you need to do is just tap the sidebar menu and get involved with sections like trending topics, entertainment buzz, lifehacks, food, animals and a lot to explore. Ready to test your general knowledge? BuzzFeed also provides you with interactive quiz that will keep you hooked on forever. You do get the privilege to bookmark any topic that you like and get to share it via email and various social media by just tapping a one-touch button. The best thing is you can even share individual images as well as videos embedded into any article. The official link to download the app has been given below.



As the name suggests, SmartNews offers you a smart way to access latest news and updates in a faster and efficient way. You get to access various topics based on normal categories like world, science, tech, business,etc. The social category provides the functionality to display top stories from your Twitter timeline too and the most interesting thing about SmartNews is you can add specific news channels/sources as individual categories like Raw Story, Life Hacker, etc.

Slow net connection? Can’t access certain news? Well for your surprise, this app also offers a smart view to counter slow net connectivity issues. Smart View loads an article to give you a very simplistic and basic look (like basic html format). For your convenience, you can also decrease or increase the font size. The app is available for free at PlayStore. You can get it by going through the link mentioned below.



News360 is pretty similar to Flipboard in it’s approach. You will be impressed by it’s UI which is pretty fluid, fast and responsive. Unlike other news apps, News 360 offers you endless amounts of update on the topics of your interest. You can bookmark your stories, follow and share them on social media.

The level of personalization offered by this app is remarkable. The topics of your interest along with local and trending news are integrated to the home section to make sure you don’t miss anything important. It’s a pretty good news companion if you are looking for something addictive that offers a simplistic as well an advanced UI. It’s available for free. To get this awesome news companion, click on the link given below.

BBC News

BBC News

In terms of quality, the BBC news app offers you with the best content compared to the applications that we have mentioned so far. It also maintains the premium BBC look retrofitted with the material UI which is fabulous. Like other apps, you can also pick topics of your own choice that get integrated with the home feeds known as ‘My News’. Your desired topics are also added as individual categories in the top menu. The ‘My News’category can be filtered on the basis of topics as well as time.

Apart from that, the application also provides you with a series of videos related to the trending topics and issues happening around the world. The app also has a feature that lets you access the live BBC broadcast. However this application eats a lot of RAM and is not recommended for low-end devices. The app is available for free. You can download it from PlayStore by clicking on the link below.

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