Time Travelling !!! You feel like going from Mumbai to San Francisco within a second and meet your girlfriend out there.. Do you think this is it ?? Well nope this isn’t it ! this isn’t what Time Travelling means !! Well the important question arises that what the hell does this Time Travelling concept came upon and does it really possible  !!                                                                                                                                                       You are going to be Boss tomorrow of the department where you work !! Do you want to know how it feels like being a Boss or how does it feel to have a separate cabin ??? Proxima Centauri is few light years away and is considered to be nearest to Earth.. Wanna go there within an hour and come back to tell your friends that yes I have been to other solar system which is a few light years away !! Well yes it can be true ….. HOW ?? Do you wanna know how ???? Thats the mere job of Time Machine !!!                                                                          Before going to the concept let us thank to the greatest mind from which it emerged out today !!! Well yes its the mind of Stephen Hawking !! Yes gave us the idea of Time Travelling !! Well fellas have you ever heard of the Fourth dimension ??? Yes there exists the Fourth dimension which is nothing else as “Time”… Time is the only pure means of Teletransportation !!

WORMHOLES !!!                                                                                                                                                                                                      What the heck are wormholes man ???? Well to be precise they are the tunnels for teletransportation. Well but the interesting thing is that wormholes are only billion trillion and trillionth of a centimeter !! here the question arises that how can a man or a spacecraft pass through such a tiny hole ?? But Hawking believes that they can be found and made large enough for teletransport convenience.. Scientists believe that only travelling to the future is possible !! Which implies that the godamn physics rules would pervade you from changing your tomorrow !!

It is also been found that time slows down and fastens up at different places like PYRAMIDS !! Which is also a concept taking part in the working of the Time Machine.. from the GPS satellite system it has been practically proved that time runs actually faster in space. Even the highly precised machinery inside the space crafts say that on a journey towards distant areas in space they gain one billionth of a second every day.. Isn’t that strange ? The secret of future journey are also black holes. A black hole adversely effects time than any other object in the universe.

The effect of worm holes are somewhat like the forwarded scenario. Suppose for an instance a space ship carries people onward advances for a journey of about 300 light years away if enters the black hole to reach the destination then for every single circling of the space craft around the black hole, the people back at earth would feel it twice the effect ! To be precise if one circling of the craft would take 1 day, the people at earth would feel as if the craft is taking 2 days. But for the people inside the vehicle they would feel as if time is slowing down. !! This is it !!! But this theory stands impractical !! Another way is to travel super fats or in short to reach the cosmic field range that is the speed of light. Practically no body can access such a speed and if it accesses it then it may reach the future !! This is only possible for a body if it encircles earth 7 times a second !! Well it is too fast to be attained.. Scientists at CERN, Geneva are actually trying this by establishing a particle accelerator !! If they win in this attempt then would help the world reveal the future by establishing super fast Time Machine which would take us into it and accelerate itself to the speed of light to make the magic happen !! As we would open our eyes we would find a new world 100 years ahead of us which would precisely be called as the ” FUTURE” !


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