This time Microsoft takes Samsung to Court ! – Find out here Why ? ?

Last updated on August 15th, 2014

Microsoft wants to clear the disagreements which took place recently after Microsoft acquiring Nokia , and it wants the court to make the decision !
After Microsoft acquired Nokia , Samsung stopped handing over royalties to it. Since 2011 , Samsung has been paying out to Microsoft for every Android device it sells.
Microsoft has made similar deals with many other Android phone manufacturers . But from last year after Samsung becoming the Dominant Android manufacturer , it thought that it was tired of giving them money !

Microsoft told that they spent months to resolve their disagreement with Samsung , but Samsung made clear that they have the right to disagree according to their contract , which Microsoft believes to be false .

Microsoft said that they don’t want to spoil long-term relations with Samsung , it is just that Microsoft wants to resolve the disagreement by keenly looking at the contract and enforcing the correct procedures on Sam. ,  if Sam. is found guilty .

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