Three Perfect Games for Valentine’s Day

Single? Have no one to celebrate Valentine’s Day with? If you are reading this article then you are a geek. Don’t worry there are many ways to celebrate this day. If in reality it’s not possible then how about virtually? Sounds funny isn’t it? But it does make sense. You have a gaming console or a PC. You know what to do. Below is a list of games that can make your day. You may have played them earlier but what’s the loss in starting over again?

Mass Effect

Who can forget this game? The game that captivated our heart with it’s epic story and legendary gameplay. This game completely took RPG gaming to an entirely new and different level. You play as Shepard, Captain of the Normandy (spaceship), and embark on a journey to save the galaxy from the Reapers, posing as a threat to the society. In that journey itself, you will have some romantic encounters. In fact, you can manipulate your romantic interest, to have some romance. Remember Lieutenant Ashley Williams? She is the center of attention when the term ‘romance’ comes in the game.

Apart from that there are also some other options available. Remember…the key to having romantic moments is by choosing the right options. By right options, we mean…correct dialogues. So, what are you waiting for? Embark on a romantic space journey guys!!!

Witcher 2

This is one game that you must not have missed if you are an RPG fan. Remember, Geralt of Rivia? The main character popular by the name- ‘Witcher’. He is a true hero. With him you experience a thrilling journey full of challenges and mysteries that keep you hooked into the game. And friends, this game is very popular on the basis of romantic experience. You exactly know what we are talking about.

Geralt with his love interest, Triss Merrigold

Unlike Mass Effect series of games, there are wide range of romance options available. To be frank, Geralt is not only the ‘Witcher’ but also he is a very big player, I hope you all got the exact meaning of ‘player’. 😛

By the way, get ready for an epic adventure as Witcher 3 will be out for Xbox One, PS4 and PC on June 19.

Witcher 3

Dragon Age: Inquisition


The GOTY winner of Video Game Awards 2014, is another RPG that should be of your interest if you want to experience some romance. Infact they have been enhanced as compared to the last two prequels, It is a bit similar to the romance mechanic used in the Witcher 2. There are pretty good scenes that will definitely bring you joy and make your eyes directly hooked to the screen.

Have fun gamers. Get a box of chocolates, order some pizza or Chinese and enjoy this day to your heart’s content. Maybe you don’t have a real valentine but you have your screen that is enough to curb your depression and get you engadged.

The game is on!!!

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