Things that we need from the next Max Payne Movie

Last updated on July 20th, 2015

-“I knew this was a bad idea but in the absence of good ideas, I continued forward”

Recognize the person giving this cheesy dialogue? Who else could this person be? It’s none other than the stubborn, relentless, sociopath American hero- Max Payne. Not a single gamer has or will ever regret a single moment playing or living in any Max Payne game. The classic-heroic dialogues, intense action sequences, dark background defining a well-executed drama….I mean who can even think of wiping those memories? We last saw the epic character in Max Payne 3 gobbling up painkillers and flashing off cinematic statements while eliminating dozens of goons single-handedly. Well, to be frank, all the fans badly need a remake of the Max Payne movie.

Though the first Max Payne movie, starring Mark Walhberg, was a critical as well as a commercial disaster… the latest installment in the video-game franchise, i.e. Max Payne 3 was a huge success.  This has the potential to stimulate a reboot of the 2008 Max-Payne movie. Word is there is already a movie in the works, titled-“Payne and Redemption”. It has been slated to be released in 2016 though no more additional info is available yet about the cast.
2015-06-25 17_35_44-Payne & Redemption (2016) - Plot Summary - IMDbSo, what do we possibly need from a reboot of Max-Payne? Here is a list of few things we made:


The first and foremost part of any movie is a protagonist that could fit into the plot very well and describe an aura around him thus proving that he is the true ace! But unfortunately, in the 2008 movie of Max Payne, Mark Walhberg played the role central of the character and to be frank, the guy was awful.  How the hell does he potray Payne in any way? Maybe he has got some moves but where the hell is the charisma of Max present in him? You now realize what we are talking about? He simply lacks the heroism of Max. So, a right protagonist plays a huge role in deciding the fate of any movie.

Hugh_Tech Legends
Hugh Jackman is a replica of Max-Payne

For instance, Hugh Jackman suits very well to be Max Payne. Not only he looks similar but also there is some sort of resemblance between those two. In fact they are a lot alike if you pay a closer look. I mean, Hugh as ‘Wolverine’, has suffered a lot just like Payne.  Both Wolverine and Payne lost many people who were close to them. So, they have a sadistic background to support their ruthless, tenacious and stubborn behavior. And Hugh has exhibited his role perfectly as ‘Wolverine’ and hence, displays the same ‘aura’ as well as ‘charisma’ like Max. So, a character like him could brilliantly portray the role of ’Max Payne’.


If you have played Max Payne then you know exactly what we are discussing here. Frequently, there would arise certain moments where Max would make some cheesy dialogues and narrate a few interesting as well as comical incidents from his past. This needs to be there as dialogues of Max have played a huge role in making the players involved deeply into the story of games released in the franchise so far. Imagine Max in a pinch while shooting a horde of ‘goons’, thus narrating some interesting quotes to make the scene look more alive, and parts of those dialogues pop on the screen with big letters! Wouldn’t that be interesting?


LOL….Max Effects does not signify maximum effects but the actions and elements showcased by Max throughout Max Payne 3. To be more precise, certain elements like Painkillers add a lot to the character of Max who always experiences intense ‘Pain’. Similarly, the ‘Bullet Time’ feature that slows time down and helps you to eliminate multiple targets is something that defines ‘epic-action sequences’ throughout any Max Payne game. Similarly effects like gun clicks, bullets travelling in slow motion, thrilling soundtracks, etc. are highly necessary to define a proper ‘Max-Payne’ movie.

“I don’t know about angles but it’s fear that gives men wings”
-Max Payne
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