The Outer Worlds’ New Halcyon Colony Trailer Is Exciting

If you’ve been following the upcoming RPG games, you must be knowing about “The Outer Worlds” by Obsidian Entertainment coming to PC, PlayStation, and Xbox. The new trailer explores the Halcyon colony which provides a closer look at life in the Halcyon colony, from the bustling communities on Terra 2, to the dangerous frontiers on Monarch.

While being a Sci-Fi RPG game – looking at the weapons and characters – it is really exciting to get an in-depth look of what the game will be all about.

Do note that this is going to be an Epic Games exclusive for the first year. So, if you want to play this game using the Steam client – you have 1 year to wait.

I might be covering a review for this game – so if you are looking to purchase this, do look out for it. Also, feel free to let me know in the comments on what you think about this new trailer.

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