The Entire US to be featured in GTA 6 [Rumour]: Is that even true?

Hey there gamers! We don’t want to waste much of your time, but according to a media website called Movie Pilot, GTA 6 will feature the entire US as a location. Is that even a possibility? Let’s work on that.

What is the file size of GTA V? Let’s see…it’s around 68 GB. So, the map in the game was the largest so far as compared to its predecessors. Imagine the entire US being featured in GTA 6. So, what will be the file size like? More than 500 GB? Now, do you think that Rockstar Games would dare to make such a devastating move for it’s upcoming title? Hence, we arrive to a final conclusion that this rumour is pointless. Some sources claim that GTA 6 will feature locations like London while there are others speculating that the game might be set in the Middle-East. Movie Pilot also claims Ryan Gosling will be the protagonist in GTA 6 which is also another rumour. So, to be frank there is no official word about GTA 6 till date.

Hence, it’s our utmost request for all the gamers that it’s their foremost duty to trust the official news confirmed by developers or publishers of any game. Believing and expecting something from a game just based on a rumour may lead to bad consequences.

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4 thoughts on “The Entire US to be featured in GTA 6 [Rumour]: Is that even true?”

  1. There’s a racing game that goes over the entire US already on consoles.

    It isn’t impossible. Really a lot of the Data in GTA V is the video for the cutscenes which aren’t compressed all that much.

  2. You are talking about The Crew right? Well, that is a racing game and GTA is a sandbox game with too many features. If a sandbox game is made that features the entire US then definitely the file size will be huge. The Crew only featured racing locations. Could you interact with in the world of Crew like you did in GTA V? Obviously no. So, practically entire US in a sandbox game is impossible if they are going to focus on each and every detail, which they have to, whether or not they manage to compress the data.

  3. Agreed, I was going to point that out as well, it would’t even be the first game. It’s all about how much detail you put into it. The existing GTA cities aren’t exactly 1 to 1 recreations either.

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