Tetra Lockscreen [Review]: Adds a Classic Touch to your Windows Phone

Last updated on August 18th, 2017

How is the lock-screen of your Windows Phone like? Apart from showing date, time and important notifications does it have any extra features? No? Then Tetra-Lockscreen is your atta-boy. So, what’s this lockscreen app all about? What’s so unique about it?

Just a couple of days ago, I hooked the Tetra-Lockscreen app into my Lumia 630 and was completely amazed by its credibility and service. In addition to date, time and other notifications this app keeps a track of your activities like number of steps and distance covered, calories burned, etc. and hence shows you the details in the form of daily/weekly statistics. Even you can set a target of how much distance you want to cover per day? If you refer the above slideshow then you will find an image having a trophy symbol in the middle. That ‘trophy’ signifies the completion of your target. The third image shows you a stopwatch feature that can be further used to set laps accordingly.



The lockscreen also has a map button through which you can find your location and important areas nearby. The app will automatically list appointments from Outlook, Google, Remind Me (By Cortana) and Facebook. In addition to that, you will automatically get to see a way-point to your appointment location on the map too. That’s actually cool.

The major limitation that I came across was its response time. The app takes some time to load when you press the power button to wake up your phone. Other than that the addition of a patter-lock system could have made things better.

If you have a Windows Phone, then you should download this app right now! You can get it from this link.

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