Terrorarium Review
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Terrorarium is an adorable action-packed 3D strategy game with some “Angry Birds” element available on Steam.

Do note that the game is still in early access (recently launched on Steam). So, if you’re reading this review after a couple of months – expect some potential changes to it. I’ll try my best to keep this up-to-date, when there’s an update to the game.

In this article, I’ll share my experience with the game to help you decide whether to give it a try or not.


Terrorarium Shot

There’s not much of a backstory here – but quite a few things to learn when you progress playing the game.

Basically, you are a “Space Granny” (she’s got her swag, though) who is technically a gardener and you have an expendable army of Moogu. A Moogu is a mushroom-like creature with special abilities, each with its own unique power.

You will have to use them to solve the problems in your garden and overcome the obstacles. They’ll be limited in numbers, but they can grow in numbers when interacting with a corpse (ghastly!).

Game Modes

Terrorarium Quick Play
Quickplay mode

For now, there are two game modes to play with – “Quickplay” with 24 levels and a level maker mode, which lets you make your own custom map to challenge yourself. You may find one or two ready-made maps from the steam workshop – but you should try to make it yourself.

Terrorarium Level Maker
Maker mode

Gameplay: ‘Fun’ With Room For Improvements

The background music for the game is an interesting choice – which is good enough.

I wish the camera control could have been better (it might be annoying at some point in the map). Leaving that aside, the game is enjoyable. You can also check out the trailer to get an idea:

You go on encountering new monsters/obstacles in your garden and the right Moogu squad can help you complete the levels easily. The game is easy yet challenging enough with in-game hints making you aware of what needs to be done. Personally, I found it a bit more exciting after Level 12.

If you’re sucker for strategy games like this – the limited set of levels may be a sad thing for you. But, if you can invest time to make your own levels, there’s an opportunity to play this game for a longer period.

The game has a common objective for every level – I’m not too excited about that.

The ‘Angry Birds’ Element

Terrorarium Shot 1

This makes the game a fun experience. You have to aim and throw the Moogu’s one by one to overcome obstacles or complete your objective.

Collectively, the Moogu army offer you special abilities like flying past an obstacle, burning an obstacle and more. You can switch between different Moogus depending on what’s available at that level.

Bugs & Performance Issues: Nothing Major But Needs A Fix

Considering that it is an Early Access Game – it is expected to have problems. This section is mostly for the developer team because you won’t have a problem playing the game, a minor issue for me, that’s all.

In my case, when the number of Moogu increased to 100 (or near to that), I noticed frame drops. I have a GTX 1050ti equipped coupled with i5-7400 processor, so it shouldn’t be an issue for a game like this.

Fortunately, there was no game-breaking issues. So, it’s playable.

Final Verdict

It’s a fun-filled indie game which has room for improvements. If you’re into casual action-packed strategy games, it could be a fun ride.

But, if you are expecting a complete experience with a lot of elements and a backstory to be engaging, you should wait for it to leave the Early Access program.

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