Tech giants fight Apple v. Samsung

Wednesday, April 2, 2014
The latest installment of the Apple vs. Samsung saga kicked off Monday with jury selection as the tech giants battle over patent infringement.

The companies selected 10 jurors — six women and four men — from a pool of about 140 potential candidates. While the jury pool comes from people living and working in Silicon Valley, few have tech backgrounds. One works as a police officer, another is a retired teacher who likes salsa dancing, and yet another is an accounting assistant. In the more tech-savvy category falls a retired software executive from IBM and an executive who works in renewable energy.

Most use an iPhone or an iPad, with only one potential juror saying she had a lot of experience with Android because she owned an HTC phone several years ago.  There were a couple who only own flip phones, however, and one man, who was dismissed because of a hardship reason, admitted that he didn’t even know what an iPad was.

“I’m kind of a dinosaur that way,” he said.

Almost two years after Apple and Samsung faced off in a messy patent dispute, the smartphone and tablet rivals have returned to the same courtroom here to argue once again over patents. Apple wants Samsung to pay it about $2 billion for infringing five patents, while Samsung wants about $7 million from Apple for infringing two of its patents.

Apple and Samsung have accused each other of copying features used in their popular smartphones and tablets, and the jury will have to decide who actually infringed and how much money is due. This trial involves different patents and newer devices than the ones disputed at trial in August 2012 and in a damages retrial in November 2013.

source: Cnet

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