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Last updated on July 16th, 2016

Hi! My name is Tommy Colin. My job is to enrich people with resourceful articles on tech as well as gaming topics. You can call me a techno-gaming journalist. While there are times when I enjoy doing my work, there are also frequent hectic moments which I have to experience, all thanks to my wife and two kids. But still every single day of my life is filled with something interesting or unique to remember. So, I share with you a recollection of something similar…a special day that I can’t forget:

-“Buzzzzzz…Buzzzzzzz!” (Phone vibrating)
-“Crap not again! There goes my afternoon nap!”

So, I opened up my little devil and discovered around 50 notifications. Oh yes of course! How could I skip the message of my dear Boss? Surely, he must have sent me a new assignment considering how honestly I worked for the entire day! And there it was mentioned in BIG LETTERS:


“WOW! What a great boss you are! How the hell in the world can I come up with something unique and complete the assignment within an hour?”- I said to myself thrusting my desk.

“Buzzzzz! Buzzzzzz!”… there it was again my devil messenger vibrating! And to my expectations fortunately or unfortunately, it was my wife Alice calling. With a depressing chuckle I picked up her phone and within an instant she says, “Hey Honey! Can you pick up the kids? It’s almost time. I am sorry I can’t do so. Mrs. Patterson called for an emergency meeting in our apartment. And as the Vice President of the committee, I have to attend it at any cost. I know that you are busy but you are going to do this aren’t you? Love you honey! Bye! And don’t forget to get some sausage for dinner!” And happily without even allowing me to share my predicament she hung up!

So, there I was with a new and interesting problem. I was confused what to do next! That moment almost became like a role-play game where you have to make choices which may or may not lead you to an undesirable outcome-

1. Pick up the kids from school…no time left for assignment…boss will yell…job is on the line.
2. Don’t pick up the kids…Alice will kill me! Plus… I can’t leave them alone!

That moment felt as if I was playing a role-play game where your choices affect the outcome
That moment felt as if I was playing a role-play game where the choices made, affect the outcome

After thinking for a moment, I chose the first option, picked up my car keys and dashed out from my cabin. To take care of my Boss, I told my secretary to stall him. On the way, I ordered my digital assistant, Siri, to remind me about grabbing some sausage after getting the kids. She asked me kindly, “Sir, at what time?” Well I was not sure and set the timer to forty minutes. So, within a few moments I was on a turbo boost mode with my Audi to fetch the kids. Gotta say handling them under this situation was like Papa Yogi Bear listening to a bunch of Boo Boo Bears at once! Annie and Adam (5), both of them were twins, who loved their Papa Yogi Bear very much…so much that they always tend to trouble their Dad in the middle of the night, so that he could sing them a lullaby. And that moment was sort of the same.

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Handling them under this situation was like Papa Yogi Bear listening to a bunch of Boo Boo Bears at once!

“Daddy will sing us a songgggg!!!! Daddy will watch Oggy with us….Daddy will—“

“Tell you what kids…Daddy will make you a special cake…Daddy will play with you Angry Birds…only if both of you put a finger on your mouth and don’t say anything till we get home…let’s see who is the winner!”

That seriously helped and Papa Yogi Bear was almost free from a problem but all of a sudden it was Siri who yelled in a friendly voice, “Sir, you have to grab some sausage after getting the kids.” And there we were…almost home…if my wife, Alice, finds me without any sausage then consider my ticket to heaven is booked! Yes, she looks like the most kindest and beautiful woman in the world but at the same time there lies a demoness hidden inside her and I swear you don’t want to see that! At that moment you have nothing to do but pray God for help!

Without any hesitation, I set my destination on the car’s GPS to the nearest grocery store and raced to it as soon as I dropped off my kids at home. “In hundred yards turn left…” I did as the GPS voice assistant said. “In 50 yards turn right and immediately turn left” … I was just following the instructions honestly, then surprisingly Siri buzzed up and said, “Sir, you have an appointment with your broker.”

“Thank you Siri for delivering such a wonderful news!”…. if I did not meet my broker I could lose worth 50 grands and all thanks to my recent set of wonderful events it was impossible for me to reach there within 15 minutes. “Time for some Need For Speed. Ultra Turbo-Boost Mode activated!” , I said in a challenging voice.

speeding (FILEminimizer)
Ultra Turbo-Boost Mode activated!

“Wrong way…please turn back!”…I was in a hurry and my GPS voice assistant was not helping. “Wrong way..take a right turn…then immediately turn left”…”Shut up!” I was in such a hurry that I did not have the time to even switch off the GPS. I felt as if I was racing through the streets like I use to in NFS: Rivals. And behold! Virtual street-racing for me turned into a reality!. “Wish I had a Batmobile!”… saying those words, I self-motivated myself and tried to further increase my speed but to my surprise I slid past a vehicle and applied the handbrakes with all my might. I successfully managed to stop my racing vehicle.

It was a close call. Hadn’t I taken the initiative to apply the brakes, things could have gone worse but they already were. And soon, I was welcomed to a heated exchange of words with the victim whose vehicle was damaged thanks to the impact. In the midst of our fight, Siri also joined with a wonderful alert-“Sir, you have a message from Boss”… and she started to read it. I don’t know what the hell triggered that.

“Here is another message from Broker- Thanks to your lack of seriousness the deal is off! YOU LOST FIFTY GRANDS!”

And Siri said everything in a nice and friendly way as if nothing mattered to the robotic piece of shit! What a wonderful situation it was! I was in a heated argument and then there were two texts that indirectly revealed I was doomed and yes, my lovely lifeless digital assistant also gave me a nice company by humming up all other notifications! I was very much frustrated….done with everything and hence, yelled in a loud voice-


Angrily, I smashed my phone…”GOODBYE SIRI!”  I threw my car keys away…didn’t even know where…my car looked like a wreck and my demonic actions revealed my co-arguer that he picked up the wrong day. Screaming loudly he fled for his life.  I ran away from the place and I was running without any destination. My fav song from Linkin Park was playing inside my head-

I wanna run away….
Never say goodbye!!!
I wanna know the truth…
Instead of wondering why!!!
I wanna know the answers…
No more lies…
I wanna shut the door
And open up my mind!!!

My tiny marathon led me to a train-station and I just boarded on a random train. I didn’t know where I was headed….tried to cool my mind…took a seat and slept without any hesitation, all thanks to the exhaustive day I had experienced.

The moment I woke up it was already morning.  I peeked through the window to see that the sky was clear and the first rays of the lovely sun had already set in. There were lovely blue -mountains and no one would fail to notice the open green fields. I discovered greenery everywhere. It was a remote place. I was in countryside.

The train stopped at a station. I took off and as soon as I made my first step into the countryside, I inhaled a gush of fresh air. My mind was relaxed. I happened to forget everything about yesterday. The birds were chirping. I explored further to enjoy myself with the wonders of nature. To my astonishment, I spotted a lake. It was beautiful. The mirror image of the sky and the red sun on the silvery waters of the lake made the scenery more enchanting. I discovered a tiny café besides the lake. I was starving since last night. “Could use some breakfast”, I said in a hungry voice.

delicious-lakeside (FILEminimizer)
I discovered a tiny café besides the lake. “Could use some breakfast”, I said in a hungry voice.

“Some pancakes and a cup of coffee would do,” I ordered the waitress who appeared to be very friendly. Within a few minutes, I was enjoying my delicious breakfast and the beautiful scenery that I observed through the window added more joy to my experience. I was away from the noise and commotions of the city. There were no gadgets around, which meant no Siri and obviously no threats from my boss. I was free from everything. And I wanted to embrace that moment as long as possible. So, I closed my eyes for a bit.

“Buzzzzzz…Buzzzzzz!” (Phone vibrating)
I opened my eyes. I could not believe but I was in my office. Facing me was my laptop screen, on my desk, where I noticed a cursor blinking on a text editor.  “Buzzzzz Buzzzzzz!” I opened up my phone to discover a message that I just received from my Boss:


“Damn…not again!” , I said to myself.

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