Start Your New Year With CS:GO Tournament @Gameomaniacs #Game_On

With 2K15 coming to an end, what have you planned for next year? It’s a stupid question to be frank because for gamers the resolution for each and every year is just the same- “Gaming…gaming…and only gaming!”… Well, how about if we redefine your goals for the new year and rather change it to something like, “To become the best in gaming!” . If that’s what you aim for 2K16 to be like then we have everything in store for you. Begin the new year by testing your CS:GO prowess in yet another tournament by Gameomaniacs @Bhubaneswar. Details for the tourney have been mentioned below.

Where is the event happening?

The tournament will be organized at Gameomaniacs itself, located infront of Nimapara Sweets, Bapuji Nagar, Bhubaneswar.

How to register and by when?

You may volunteer to register directly at the Gameomaniacs store, or else, opt to send an email to [email protected] including the details of your team like team name, members name and their identity proof with necessary attachments. Each team should have exactly 5 members. The registrations are open till 4th January. The tournament dates are from 5th-7th Jan.

Format of CS:GO Tournament

Initially, there will be a knockout phase from which the teams will be selected for quarter-finals. From quarter-finals, winning teams will be making it to the semi-finals and so on.

Prize money

The winning team will be rewarded with a cash-prize of INR 10,000 while the runners up team will bag around INR 5,000.

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