SONY SW2 works properly even after its screen gets broken

Last updated on August 21st, 2017

Sony Smart-watch 2 is the 2nd Smart-watch from Sony Smart-watch series. It isn’t powered by Android Wear, but still an interesting device to look for. This device maintains a 1.6″ transflective LCD display, works with only Android devices with Android version 4.0 and higher. SONY SW2 is water resistant IP57. Battery is not unrelieved but Sony claims that its battery will go upto 7 days on low usage and 3-4 days on normal usage, which is true enough. This device gets connected to your smartphone via NFC or Bluetooth. Lastly this is an AWESOME Smart-watch in it’s time.

Never knew that Sony’s displays are so good that even the touch works after the display is totally broken. Heard it right, this Smart-watch works like before after its screen beaten too hard. Its like a miracle that nothing changed except the looks from outside and the smart-watch works like never before. Water-resistant feature too works well with the broken screen. This proves that Sony really makes tough gadgets and those are worth buying. It will give some serious competition to Nokia/Microsoft Smartphones which are well known for the best build quality.



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