sony lens with LG G2

Last updated on August 18th, 2017

sony lens with LG G2
sony lens G attached with the LG G2

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Priced at 12,600 INR (approx.) it is an impressive lens which provides quality images when connected with your phones Wi-Fi or NFC .

The Sony QX10 and your smartphone communicate via Wi-Fi Direct, establishing a dedicated wireless connection between the two devices. Footage seen by the Lens Camera is then streamed straight to your smartphone, although all the processing grunt is actually carried out by the QX10.

The Lens work’s real smooth . The following review was done with the help of LG G2 via Wi-Fi and NFC with the  “PlayMemories Mobile ” app installed in it .

Let’s Have A Look at the Sony Lens G ( DSC-QX10) :

Key Features:


  •   18.2-megapixel 1/2.3 type Exmor R image sensor
  • 10x optical zoom
  • Full HD video recording at 30fps
  • SteadyShot optical image stabilisation


Weight :

The QX-10 can be used without attaching it with the phone also , which is very easy because of the good build quality and light weight.

Complete Performance :

While i reviewed the Sony Lens G , i was very much impressed by the quality of it’s body.
The Sony Lens takes incredible images even if with 10x Full Zoom , you can see the screenshot below :

Picture of a Mango tree with full 10x Zoom!
Picture of a Mango tree with full 10x Zoom! While it was sunny partially !


The software through which the lens connects with a Smartphone is ” PlayMemories Mobile ”  an app by Sony.
The app at present feels to lack at some moment.
The app shows the same functions you get in normal camera mode, but doesn’t contains any creative mode or HDR mode to enhance pictures .

  • The pictures taken from the Sony Lens G shows a great amount of detail , by focusing the required element and blurring the background .
  • Next the color density which we see in it is awesome , it shows you the Exact real picture which we normally see with naked eyes , with no dynamic effect or no extra brightness .

Pictures taken just before evening :

Those who are mad about getting a best picture with a best camera , they have a chance in making it true if they bring this home.

No-Light Condition Performance :

The Sony Lens G doesn’t have a flash but it can be attached to a smartphone , so that the smartphone’s Flash could be used :

Sony lens G pic
Night pic with the LG G2’s Flash (Quality is diminished a bit )


It dissapoints at the night because the phones flash isn’t enough light up the background of the above flower , which appears full dark .

Final Verdict :

The Lens is a complete package , which is capable of delivering good quality pictures starting from the early morning to the evening . For the night you have to wait for the right place and the right shot  only , because in one shot you don’t get it right with no light condition .Overall it’s very good . Please see the rating below specifying each criteria .


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