Ever thought of using solar panels in using roadways? Ever thought of driving your car through modern solar devices, wires, LED’s etc. Ever heard of touch sensitive smart roads. This is all possible due to Solar roadways. Solar roadways is a step forward to our future.

Solar roadways is a latest technology which can replace all roadways, parking lots, side walks, driveways, bypass and outdoor amusement services to solar panels which can generate electricity. These can be too modern to pay for themselves. Lets check out how these solar panels are going to help us future.


Roadways are major means of transportation these days. Approximately 30% of each and every country is covered by roads. Imagine if this amount of area get covered by solar panels, how much electricity will they generate. No more concrete roads more to be repaired when damaged. These are made of tampered hexagonal shape glass material which are designed to overcome heavy weight machineries and vehicles. Not only these look attractive, generate electricity but also has LED lights which can be programmed to make landscape designs, warning signs etc i.e. no more colouring the roads. As these are generating electricity we can use it as clean fuel for electric cars eventually lowering the cost of energy. These panels theoretically can lower the green house effect by 75%. This isn’t end.


Moreover in winters these elements keep themselves a few degrees higher than freezing point resulting in melting of ice. So no more delays and road blocks in winters.While parking your vehicle in parking lots you can charge it. So solar roadways theory is environment friendly. Even at night time LED’s will replace street lights. Driving will be more safer than ever. These solar panels senses if any animal is crossing the road and warns the drivers to slow down the vehicle. There will be one outdoor playground which can be programmed according to choice. So play any type of game in solar recreation court. Imagine how safer for pilots to land during night. Credit to self lighting roadways.


Nothing is perfect. Everything has demerits. Replacing concrete roads by high cost glass material solar roadways will be too costly. No doubt it will be recovered in few couple of years but it will be difficult to start. Again if  roads are  replaced then how we are going to carry those electricity!!!!! only one way…..underground, which is almost impossible. As these are costly so taxes will get higher in order to recover faster. Another thing to say, as these are glass so it will be dangerous when wet. Driving will no longer safe in rainy seasons.

LED’s are after all a electrical thing which is get changed one day. so think of replacing 1000’s of LED’s in a street which is practically time taking and a lot of men would be needed to repair it. LED’s will not be visible during day time which will create more problem(a 50 watt LED may overcome this problem).  Moreover the electric and oil companies are going to hate these.


At last i would conclude that this is awesome if it’s possible to build and use it properly. This is a good concept but needs to be improved a lot as it seems to have more demerits than merits.



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