Smart Home Security vs. Conventional Systems: Is Smart Tech Worth it?

Last updated on June 27th, 2020

If you’ve got an old-school security system, there’s a pretty big chance you hate it, quite a bit. The controls are inconvenient, the features and benefits are limited, and they’re overall quite unreliable, especially if they’ve been set up for a while now.

In the past couple of years, though, we’ve got a host of home security systems that are quite a lot smarter, and work a lot better than a conventional system. They won’t only protect you better in the case of an emergency, but they’ll also give you features that a conventional system can’t offer, making them a much better value proposition.

That being said, is smart tech worth it when it comes to home security? We believe it is, but if you aren’t convinced, read on and see for yourself.

Note: This post has been contributed by a guest author to help our readers learn more about Smart Home Security.

A smart home security system is a lot easier to use

Compared to the clunky, restrictive old security technology, modern home security systems are extremely convenient. They integrate into your life through a simple app, and tap on your phone is all it’s going to take to arm or disarm your alarm system. You don’t have to rush through your front door – disarm it when you’re parking the car in the garage.

Smart Home Security

A smart system will also let you control a lot more things to the system. From motion sensors, lights, locks, and a smart thermostat, to things like a garage door controller, and you’ll have a single app controlling all of them.

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A smart system is always useful

A security system’s main tasks are to protect you, and raise the alarm if something happens. And while a conventional system only does this, a smart one will do a few more things. For example, it will send you a message when your teenager gets back from school. It will show you whether the person ringing your doorbell is the friend you’ve been expecting or a door-to-door salesman you’d rather avoid. You could even be making dinner in the kitchen while you’re checking in on your kids in the yard through your camera.

Smart systems are a lot more reliable

A conventional system uses your electricity, and usually your internet or phone line. However, smart and experienced burglars know this, and if they’re really set on getting inside your home, they will go as far as to cut those lines in order to prevent the alarm system from going off.

However, a smart system is made to ensure that the emergency signal does get through, even if the power, phone line, and internet are out. They often have a dedicated cellular connection that will notify the security provider that something is happening, even if all other means of communication are out. Speaking of a security provider …

A smart system usually has professionals backing it up

When an emergency occurs, whether it’s a fire or a break-in, the one smart thing you can do is get help, immediately. With a conventional system, you’ll have to do this on your own, and the response time will also depend on your response time. Therefore, if you’re slow, things might go bad pretty quick.

However, a smart system is usually connected to a monitoring station – this is something your security provider will take care of. Those monitoring stations work 24/7, and if something does happen, they’ll usually contact the local authorities before you even know something is happening at all.

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Smart systems will look out for you, proactively

They don’t only work when there’s an emergency. They’ll also warn you about potential problems, regardless of how big or small they may be. A good, high-quality system can tell you there’s a water leak, or your toddler running around the kitchen at 4 AM in the morning, or even if your garage door has been left open at night.

There are some that are even more advanced than this. If, for example, your home has a water leak, a well-connected system will shut down the entire water at the source, thus preventing further damage to your home. If there’s a fire alarm, it’ll shut down the HVAC system for safety.

You can take them everywhere with you

Regardless of whether you just went to your local grocery store, or you’re on a business trip, thousands of miles from home, you have your smartphone with you. Consequently, you have your home security system’s control center with you.

Home Security

Therefore, if there’s an issue at home, you’ll be notified immediately. If you need to give your neighbor access to your home, you can unlock your door from anywhere, just as if you were there. It’s convenient, and it gives you peace of mind a few other solutions can. 

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