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Last updated on August 18th, 2017

Google Now vs Cortana vs Siri

Since the announcement of Windows 8.1, Cortana has been creating a huge interest towards the public. For a long time, Windows phones failed to compete against iOS and Android Phones. But now,with various upgrades and new features, Windows 8.1 has been outsmarting Android and iOS in many areas of conflicts.But in this article,we compare all the three personal Assistants of all three platforms.

Siri was launched along with iPhone 4S,which went on to become a massive hit. Then came Google Now, which started just as a voice control for web searches. Cortana is still being in its beta stage, outsmarted both in various fields of questioning. Now lets talk about their features which makes them best!!.


Since its launch it has been over the news and gained popularity among the public. The new Siri for iOS 8 brings new features and upgrades apart from the search:-

  • Car Play: It has been a feature since iOS 6 which enables the user to play music, etc.. in the car through the iPhone.But with the help of Siri,the user needs to only ask. Siri can also be used in navigation.
  • Eyes Free: This feature enables the user to talk to Siri without looking or using the phone while driving. The user can talk, ask to play music or search etc.


Unlike Siri, this operated on the web browser.But since the release of jelly bean,the use of Google Now has increased leading Google to make it a personal assistant application.The new features unveiling in Android Kitkat are:-

  • New upgraded sensor increases the audible range of the phone.Which means when the user says “Ok Google”it automatically switches on.
  • Updates regarding Navigation,Searching etc are released.



Unlike Google Now, Cortana was built for personal assistant purpose. Though it’s in its Beta Stage, Cortana has been integrated with various features too apart from Navigations and Searches:-

  • The Cortana Notebook: Keeps the tracks of interests , favourites and music played at one place creating a user friendly situation.
  • Talk to Me: Likewise Siri and Google Now,it allows user to interact with Cortana like asking questions, etc.

For further informations,refer the video below:-

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