Last updated on August 21st, 2017

Over the years the internet has evolved from just a means of staying connected to the rest of the world to a means of making money for people of all ages. URL shortening is becoming increasingly known in this field.

It is basically the method of reducing the space occupied by the characters in a standard URL and also simultaneously using the shortened URL of advertising applications. is a European website that has been created to make it easy for users to shorten their URLs to make easy money from the confinement of a house.

How can bloggers use gives the bloggers online a simple opportunity to make some cash. All one needs to do is to create an account on the website or simply link it with their Facebook account. Then, the user can start shortening the URLs to their blogs and start sharing it on various social media.

The website connects the links to various advertisements that are showed to the viewers when they click on the shared URL before going to the actual blog pertaining to the shared link. The website ensures that all the ads used are global and premium advertisements to prevent people from avoiding further shared links by the user.

Other Applications

Make Great Money !


Apart from sharing blogs, users can also shorten and share links to Facebook data and also videos off of a YouTube account with ease. also provides an incredible affiliated referrals feature. The user can invite various people from their blogs to use the websites features and will gain a 20% of the amount each of the invited members make by the clicks on their shared links as well.

Also, there are certain affiliated websites available whose links can also be shared by the users to gain that 20% extra income. The website is well known among bloggers and people alike for this very feature.

Method of payment

The various large scale global companies that seek a method of advertisement in URL shortening are extremely well known and will also make sure that they payments are done on time without fail. The payments are provided by recording the number of views or clicks on a particular shortened URL shared by the user.

The rates for this exchange vary from one country to another. The rates are usually in between $0.28 and $1.66 for every thousand clicks on a particular shared link. All the website demands is the availability of a Paypal or a Payoneer account with current information updated on the page.

The money is transferred to the user’s account without fail on the 10th of every month. The only condition for this transfer is that the money earned by the user for a particular month needs to exceed a minimum of $5. If it doesn’t the income for that particular month will be transferred to the next month’s income and is put in the account when the minimum is reached.

Verdict is an extremely reliable website when it comes to sensitive information. The account details and the information provided by the user are stored on a secure server to prevent misuse. The quality services offered with the good features and the high level security make a pioneer in the URL shortening field.

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