Shadow of Mordor: New Trailer unveils additional plot details

Last updated on August 18th, 2017

-“Be wary! This creature leads us to parole….something not of this world left its mark on him. I sense it!”

– “You feel he is haunted?”

-“For both of us!”

Talion with Celebrimbor

You must be curious to discover the characters who have made these above mentioned dialogues. These two people are none other than Celebrimbor and Talion, the protagonists of Shadow of Mordor. The second dialogue made by Talion may have left you puzzled as he mentions someone else who is haunted. Who is this,”he”? Can you guess? To be frank this is the antagonist, Sauron, about whom we are actually talking about. But we need to know more about Talion and this Celebrimbor…Wait! Before proceeding further let me advise you to visit this link  if you do not have any idea regarding this game. If you are already aware about it and the main protagonist, then you can happily enjoy the two minutes of the new trailer unvieled recently by the game’s developer, Monolith Productions. Especially, the LOTR fans will definitely be amazed after watching this new footage.

Let’s make ourselves aware with the story. But I seriously recommend you to watch The Lord of The Rings film series if you really want to discover about this game and get your hands on it. It’s an important pre-requisite to understand the storyline . Otherwise, you won’t have the slightest idea or hint about what’s actually going on in the game’s universe. I would also strongly advise you to watch the two movies of the franchise-“The Hobbit”. So, back to our main discussion. We know a little bit about Talion but not about Celebrimbor…let’s rather say not yet.  So, this guy is from the Second Age, in a wraith like form who is joined with Talion during the era of Third Age, savaged once again by Sauron like he did so in the previous era. Actually, Celebrimbor will be possessing the body of Talion and one among your objectives would be to discover his identity which is vital to reveal all the answers you will be searching for within the story. Both these characters are playable. They only have one goal: to revenge the death of their lost one’s by defeating Sauron.

To immerse yourselves deeply with the story be sure to watch the trailer below:

Shadow of Mordor will be out on Sptember 30, 2014 for PS3, Xbox One, PS4 and Xbox 360 users. While the game will be launched on PC platform by 2nd of October.

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