Shadow of Mordor: Lord of The Hunt DLC Available Now

So, finally the Middle Earth saga is over with the release of Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies. It must be very painful for the LOTR fans to accept this fact but what can be done? Well, maybe we won’t get to see any new movies based on Middle Earth in the mere future but we do have a chance to still rejoice. How? For your surprise, Talion is back to Shadow of Mordor in the new DLC- “Lord of The Hunt”.

So, what’s the DLC of the award winning action-adventure game all about? This time it will be more beasts, more warchiefs and more mordor. Talion will take on a band of new warchiefs, working under Sauron, who call themselves, “Beastmasters”. Does the name ring any bells? No? That would mean those warchiefs also have the ability to control beasts like Caragors. So, you can imagine how challenging it will be to take them down.

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Remember Torvin who taught Talion beast-hunting skills? According to the developer, Monolith Productions, the story of the DLC mainly focuses on Talion and Torvin working together against Sauron’s new warchiefs who have been assigned to eliminate all the monsters within Mordor.

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Season-pass holders can download the DLC from Steam for free while those who don’t have the season-pass will have to spend around $10 to experience an all new intense Mordor.

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You may watch the season-pass trailer below:

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