September:The Month of Technology!!!

Last updated on August 21st, 2017

Since the last 3 months,there had been a lot expectancy towards the oncoming of this month.This is because of the stunning events that had and are to crop up later this month.The events include from the companies like Apple,LG,Samsung,Sony,Nokia etc.Now lets have a preamble about these events which include the IFA Conference which is being held in Berlin and the “Event” by Apple


Galaxy Note 4

Since the release of Galaxy Note 3,people have begun wandering about the Galaxy Note 4.In the IFA event,on September 3,Samsung announced the Note 4 which soon became the most popular topic on Twitter.Besides the Note 4,the next generation Samsung Galaxy Gear S was announced.On the same day there was some news by Sony regarding its newest flagship Xperia Z3.

On the 4th September,Nokia announced two of its mid range Windows phones ie:Lumia 830 and Lumia 730.No much specs of both the phones are known at the moment,but stay in touch with our website…It will be updated as soon as it is revealed.



Now switching back to the IFA event,LG announced its first smartwatch ie:LG G-Watch.Few months before,Motorola also ,made a similar announcement regarding its first smartwatch;the Moto 360.Hence there has been a few comparisons between these two smartwatches.

This was all about the IFA event

The news about the Apple event will be posted …check that out soon.



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